3 Dynamic Ways to Give Employee Appreciate Gifts

3 Dynamic Ways to Give Employee Appreciate Gifts

Hey there! Are you tired of offering the same old employee benefits like competitive salaries and yearly bonuses? While these programs are excellent for increasing employee satisfaction, they can feel a bit distant. If you really want to put a smile on your team's face and rekindle their motivation, it's time to get creative with your appreciation gifts.

Small acts of kindness can go a long way in boosting your employees' morale and showing them that they are valued for their contributions. So, what can your business do differently to show your staff some love? Here are some fun and unique thank you gift ideas that are sure to make your employees feel appreciated:

Tip #1: Give Personalized Gifts

Who doesn't love a thoughtful gift? While top performers deserve promotions, there are plenty of other opportunities to recognize your team's hard work with personalized gifts. For instance, sending a coffee with a heartfelt note of thanks can be a simple yet effective way to show your appreciation. And why not take it up a notch by gifting them a bottle of wine or pack of beer, which can be redeemed and delivered to your door.

Tip #2: Let Your Team Unwind with Drinks

After working hard to meet deliverables and grow your business, your team deserves to unwind and relax. You can make this happen by shipping a pack of beer cans, partnering with Malt Shovel to ensure that your team is enjoying some of the best brews in Australia. Or if beer isn't their thing, consider gifting them redeemable coffee from Appreci. There's nothing like a delicious cup of coffee to shake off the afternoon slump and boost their mood.

Tip #3: Celebrate Anniversaries by Treating Your Team to Lunch

Reaching a year with any company is a big deal, especially in today's world where many millennial workers struggle to stay with one company for too long. So, why not celebrate your team's anniversary by treating them to lunch? This public display of appreciation can help make your employees feel genuinely treasured and valued, which is a surefire way to keep them engaged and motivated in the long run.

At appreci, we understand the importance of showing gratitude to your team members. That's why we offer a wide range of corporate gifts, including beer, coffee, wine, and gift hampers. Our corporate gift hampers and custom corporate gifts are perfect for gifting to clients and employees alike, and our Appreci coffees can be redeemed at participating cafes listed with Skip in Australia.

So, if you're looking for creative ways to show your team some love, partner with us at Appreci and let us help you boost your business by offering unique and thoughtful corporate gifts. After all, happy employees are motivated employees, and motivated employees are the key to driving your business forward.

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