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Welcome to the Seamless Integration Experience on Zapier!

Elevate your appreciation game by effortlessly connecting with Zapier. Our integration with Zapier makes it a breeze to infuse your personalised touch into your existing applications, allowing you to seamlessly send messages with any of our selected range of gifts as part of your automated workflows.

Embark on the journey by creating your Corporate Appreci account. Once you're in, unlock the potential to connect with a myriad of popular CRMs, Marketing Automation platforms, and an array of software tools.

Curious if your preferred solution is supported? Take a quick trip to Zapier and explore the compatibility by searching for your application and uncovering the triggers already at your disposal.

Need assistance or have questions about integrations? The Appreci team is here to help! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for personalised support on making the most of your integration experience.

Get ready to amplify your outreach on Appreci, where connectivity meets creativity!

Corporate Account

Automate Personalised Gestures

Discover the power of Zapier, a solution designed to seamlessly integrate Appreci with your existing web applications, automating your workflows effortlessly without code. Imagine the possibilities – add a new client, and a personalised message with a bottle of wine automatically. Close a job, and see a thank-you message with a beer spring into action. With Appreci and Zapier, turning your thoughtful gestures into automated, personalised experiences has never been easier.

Made For Zapier

Our integration is made for Zapier, very little effort for big positive outcomes.

Fast and Easy

Only a few steps required. Integrate then let everything take care of itself

Use Your Workflows

Connect Appreci to existing workflows and get sending without any coding.

Simple Setup

No need to hire expensive IT staff - Zapier walks you through step by step.

Save Time & $$

No need for technical staff, getting set up requires next to no effort.

Grows with You

Zapier was created to combine many disparate tasks from multiple systems into one workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my access code?

Log into appreci, and make sure you have a corporate account. Navigate to the bottom left of the menu section and select “Corporate” account. Select profile, a popup will appear then you need to select Account. The corporate account page will load, select “Access Key” to reveal your API code. Copy the code and paste into Zapier when requested.

Log into appreci
Log into appreci
Log into appreci
Corporate Account
Corporate Account
Corporate Account
Access Key
Access Key
Access Key