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Share your appreciation in spontaneous, tangible and thoughtful ways with Appreci.

Simple. Tangible. Meaningful.

How Appreci works

In 3 easy steps


Select from a variety of gifts, add a personal note and press send.


Your recipient immediately receives your message and a gift as a redeemable token.


They simply convert your digital token for a real thing (coffee, wine, e-gift card) in a store near them or online.

Get the Appreci App

Get the Appreci App

We will send you a link, open it on your phone to download.

How people are using Appreci

Appreci can be used in a variety of ways to show appreciation and gratitude, personally and professionaly.

Turning thought into action

Friends and families are sending tokens of appreciation for everything from milestone events to “just thinking of you” messages and motivational support.

Recognising employees

Businesses are welcoming their new customers and thanking their existing ones. They’re also recognising their employees with


Large Businesses are assigning budgets via Appreci to reward and recognise their teams, strengthening their unique cultures.

Supporting a cause

People are using Appreci to suppor charities by forwarding their received gifts to organisations the mean something to them.

Connecting with event audiences

Brands and organisations are engaging thousands of attendees at once by welcoming and thanking them at their events, both digital and in person.

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