Champagne & Craft Beer Gift Baskets For The Foodie In Your Life

Champagne & Craft Beer Gift Baskets For The Foodie In Your Life

Are you looking for the perfect gift that will entice the loved one in your life? 

As the options for gift open around, it becomes difficult to pick and buy one for someone who claims they have enough.

But here's a hack! 

All you need to know is if they are foodies and like liquor.

If yes, then we've got your back!

Those who enjoy drinking alcohol are among the easiest people to buy gifts for. It is a great gift that never goes out of style. For instance, a champagne hamper is the classic go-to celebratory drink that will impress your friend or colleague. 

Champagne can be gifted in the shape of a gift basket, which is one of the best ways to do so. These gift baskets are a wonderful way to customise the champagne and send it in a lighthearted manner. Champagne gift baskets convey a level of sophistication rarely seen in a present, unlike snack-based baskets. 

Even though champagne gift ideas may appear to need a lot of work, gift baskets are simpler to assemble than you might realise. 

Let's dive deep into detail and explore more about these gift baskets that you can give someone with the help of Appreci.

Reasons why you need alcohol-based gift baskets

Are you thinking of giving a craft beer gift for a birthday, an upcoming holiday, or as a thankyou present?

Here are some suggestions for how you might send a basket to your loved ones:

  • Birthdays
  • Thankyou presents
  • Gifts for clients
  • Gifts for friends or neighbours
  • Father's day
  • Sympathy gifts
  • Bachelorette party
  • Corporate presents or gifts for coworkers

Even if many occasions are appropriate for giving someone a beer gift basket, having the objective in mind makes it simple to come up with a theme. 

Select the purpose for sending the gift basket

Although you know why you want to send a gift basket to someone, we suggest you think carefully before ordering and buying one. 

Identify the occasion for which the gift basket is intended, such as a birthday, a holiday, a wedding, or even an office party. Head on to the reasons above that accompanies the event in your mind.

Pick the perfect basket

You can now choose the right basket once you know who it is for and the occasion. Although you can make your basket, why waste time and energy when everything is in one place? 

Because your recipient will see the package first, make it count. Furthermore, they can reuse the box in the future.

If you are giving this basket as a birthday present, there is no need to wrap it, as the message on the top says it all. Or has the beer enthusiast in your life a sense of humour? There is no better way to cheer someone up than to give them a heartfelt gift. Sometimes packaging with a clever pun or joke on the front is sufficient to brighten anyone's day.

Help us write the meaningful message

Although the packaging informs who the gift is for, writing a personalised message makes it even more special. Your writing will depend on the situation and whether you are trying to be humorous or formal.

If you have nothing else to say, tell our team, and we will straightforwardly write 'Thank you for all your help' or 'Have a birthday drink from me" to show them you put some care into their gift.

So you do not need to stress about the message anymore!

Choose your hamper: Beer or Champagne

It's vital to decide which hamper you'll pick from when assembling your basket. The best gift basket should now be chosen after determining the purpose and the recipient.

Craft beer gifts are ideal if you're buying them for someone who enjoys cold beer all year long. It has the following items, making it one of our best beer gift baskets:

  • Our four best craft beers in cans. Choose from a variety of beers or their favourite ones. 
  • Byron Beef Jerky 40g
  • Red Rock Deli Roasted Peanuts 130g
  • Pringles 53g

Another option for buying the perfect gift basket is the champagne hamper. Champagnes range in sweetness, so consider how sweet the one you choose will be. It is the ideal congrats present for a job promotion or a new house. Champagne celebration and significant achievement that calls for a toast. Here's what is included:

  • Moet & Chandon - French Champagne 200ml
  • Ferrero Rocher Collection 172g
  • Glasshouse Fragrances Scented Candle 60g
  • Byron Bay Cookies - Triple Choc Fudge 150g
  • Stainless Steel Tumbler - Champagne


At Appreci, we love to make gift hampers that are nothing but a way of showing appreciation for your loved ones. We know that our clients feel the same way. We have assembled this impressive selection of beer and champagne gifts to address this issue. So whether you're looking for something special for a birthday, Christmas, or anything else, browse our alcohol baskets today and discover the ideal present for the liquor enthusiast.

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