Benefits Employee Recognition Programs Today

Benefits Employee Recognition Programs Today

Unique Thank You Gifts: In recent years, businesses and organisations have become increasingly competitive to hire and retain the best talent. While monetary bonuses and extravagant benefits are top of mind when it comes to employee motivation, other aspects are equally essential, such as employee recognition.

Even a pat on the back, a genuine compliment, or a shoutout on social media for a job well done can boost an employee's morale.

Many companies follow traditional methods to recognise their employees, like annual service awards and bonuses. And while these still work, the present times are pushing businesses to shift to recognition done online.

Tools such as employee recognition apps help make this a reality. If you aren’t leveraging these for your business as well, then you might be missing out on considerable benefits, such as these:

  1. Convenience in program management

Compared to time-old ways, holding employee recognition online is fast and easy to set up. With just a few clicks, you can communicate with other organisers, see the whole program’s scope on your screen, and manage your budget.

There’s also no need for time-consuming and exhausting manual work, such as printing out certificates and disseminating announcements in physical spaces as everything is stored in one place.

  1. It allows businesses to manage reward budgets in one place

Aside from project management, you can also manage your budget online and give the key people access to it. Especially if you are a business that has dispersed teams or international operations, a centralised budget allocation will make recognition planning significantly easier for you.

  1. It gives employees the same recognition experience

With remote working options taking centre stage today due to the ongoing global health crisis, it is important for businesses to adapt to the rapidly changing times and find ways to continue their employee recognition efforts despite the distance.

Having an employee recognition software helps HR professionals provide the same recognition experience for everyone within the organisation, wherever they are working from, and whatever their level in the business is.

  1. It makes same-day recognition possible

Sometimes, the best recognitions are those that happen almost instantaneously.

Traditional recognition programs are usually done quarterly or annually. While this worked for the older workforce, younger talents are more motivated by frequent and timely recognition.

Employee recognition apps significantly reduce the time needed to prepare gift items, so you’ll be able to get done with the preparations in minutes instead of weeks. With this, you get to create a prompt and more meaningful recognition experience for your employees.

  1. It provides transparency

Now that your recognition program is done online, everyone in the organisation can participate in it and see the awardees. This is a smart way to not only recognise your achievers but also make everyone see the bigger picture of what everyone is contributing to the business.

This helps create a sense of community and collaboration in your organisation, despite being geographically dispersed.

When it comes to selecting the right appreciation gifts for employees, there are many options to choose from. A malt shovel or a bottle of The Hidden Sea Wines can make for a great employee gift. You can also opt for gift hampers that come packed with delicious goodies, such as Chocolate Moments or Little Cocoa. Alternatively, you can consider a Skip Coffee voucher, a thoughtful and practical gift that can be redeemed at their favourite coffee shop.

Remember that you wouldn’t have been able to get your business to where it is now without the people who believed in your vision. Considering this, it only makes sense to establish healthy relationships with your employees by engaging them and recognising their efforts.

Today, we may have physical limitations due to the ongoing health crisis, but the employee recognition software available at present allows you to show your appreciation to your employees, like through digital gifting.

If you’re looking for an employee rewards program that doesn't charge monthly fees, but offers a range of useful and beneficial features, contact us for a demo.

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