5 Reasons You Need to Prioritise Employee Appreciation

5 Reasons You Need to Prioritise Employee Appreciation

An essential ingredient to personal or professional success, whether you’re a boss or an employee, is feeling appreciated and valued. Knowing you contribute significantly to the company and being treated as such can do wonders for your physical and mental well-being, which will also create positive relationships, whether at home or in the workplace. 

When your employee feels appreciated, it affirms the effort and commitment they’ve put into the work they do for your company. It also incentivises them to continue performing, which will boost productivity levels for your company. 

Here are five reasons you should regularly express appreciation for your employees:


  • It Creates a Stronger Company Culture

    When your employees regularly feel appreciated for the hard work they do, it positively affects their relationships with their co-workers. This ripple effect will transform the dynamics of larger teams or groups for the better, as your employees will feel more motivated to perform and produce higher quality output.

    When staff are satisfied with the daily employee recognition by their immediate supervisors, they’re likely to perform better, which will increase your profitability. You’ll enjoy a more robust company culture with employees that support each other’s growth and success.


  • It Encourages Employee Loyalty

  • Expressing gratitude to your employees will make them feel recognised and validated. It will cause them to regard your company more favourably, which will create what all companies want: strong employee loyalty. 

    Talent turnovers are costly since you’ll continuously focus on replacing the employees that keep leaving. According to a Gallup survey, employees are twice as likely to say they will quit their jobs in the next year if they feel like they aren’t recognised for their work. You won’t want to risk your top-performing employees looking for greener pastures, so prioritising employee appreciation is crucial for your business to thrive.


  • It Fosters a Positive Work Environment

  • A company that focuses on thankfulness and appreciation tends to create a constructive yet positive work environment. Showing gratitude to your employees through an employee rewards program will not only motivate them to work harder, but it will help them feel more satisfied with internal company processes. Such satisfaction will produce a healthier office culture and attitude that rewards quality work, making your company look attractive to prospective employees.


  • It Increases Employee Happiness and Morale

  • Taking care of your staff is essential, and that is made possible by focusing on employee wellness. One way to do this is to schedule a weekly physical activity, like a group aerobics class or a jog in the nearest park. Offering concrete opportunities for your employees to take care of their health will improve happiness and wellbeing, which will also increase morale.

    Motivated employees are essential to the success of any business. When they feel satisfied, valued, and driven, they’ll feel much more connected to the team and the work they do.


  • It Produces Company and Brand Advocates

  • Brand recognition is vital to any company. If your target audience remembers your business name and what you offer, it will be easier to convert them into paying customers. Even though digital marketing strategies do a great job of expanding your brand awareness, you can create a secret weapon that will boost the reputation of your company—happy employees.

    Happy staff are essential players in expanding your brand awareness, as they are more likely to share their experience with other people. People will regard their opinions as credible and trustworthy since they’ve had first-hand experience with your company, so their positive review will likely convince your target market to engage with you.




    Infusing employee appreciation into your company will do wonders for your business. It improves performance, company culture, and employee engagement and retention. Telling your employees that you appreciate them will also ensure that your company retains its top performers, which will further your business along the path to success. 

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