Why You Should Express Gratitude – What to Know

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Why You Should Express Gratitude – What to Know ​

One of the things many people take for granted is the value of gratitude. Many forget that a simple “thank you” can turn someone’s day around. Being grateful for someone without letting them know is one thing, but expressing this feeling to them is another. To truly connect with the people in your life, you need to communicate, and one way to do that is to show some gratitude.

There are different ways to say you’re thankful to someone. One way is by actually saying it in person. When you tell someone that you’re grateful for them and what they have done for you, you are building a stronger relationship with that person. Another way is by giving someone a gift to show your appreciation. Gifting, big or small, will always make someone feel appreciated.

Here are some reasons you should express your gratitude to the people in your life:

You’ll instantly put someone in a better mood

Random kindness and gratitude can instantly make a person happy. When you let someone know that they are valued, they’ll be in a better and happier mood. This gesture can relieve a person from stress and make them more optimistic.

Another great thing about expressing gratitude is that it eliminates a lot of negative energy. Worries, stress, and anxiety are trigger factors that can ruin someone’s mood. However, when you show gratitude, they’ll be comforted with the fact that someone appreciates their work.

You’ll be more aware of how you treat others and how it makes them feel

Being grateful and telling someone that you appreciate them is an incredibly vulnerable act but has so many positive benefits. With gratitude, you build a stronger relationship with other people.

Another great thing about practising gratitude is that you become more compassionate. Once you start being thankful for someone, you’ll notice that helping others will become second nature to you.

Your relationships will improve

Because gratitude requires you to point out the great things about someone, you’ll be more appreciative of their efforts at work and in your life. This act is particularly significant to practice at work because you’ll immediately see and feel the benefits. Your employees will start to work better, and you can connect with them better.

One way to show gratitude to your employees is by telling them that you’re grateful and giving them rewards. A type of bonus that’s gaining popularity is digital gifts, like a cup of coffee. You can provide a coffee cup reward through a mobile application, like Appreci, and your employee can show this to a coffee shop and redeem their free cup.


When you start showing gratitude to others, it doesn’t only affect them, but it also affects the way you live. You’ll be more appreciative of the small things in your life, compassionate, and selfless. When you show gratitude to the people around you, it builds character, and it also teaches the other person to recognise their value and importance. There are countless ways to show someone your gratitude—it could be through a letter, a digital gift, or simply just saying it out loud. Gratitude can do wonders for everyone; it’s a gift that everyone needs to receive.

Do you want to join the growing gratitude economy in Australia? Appreci is software that helps express your #Appreciation to people. With our service, you can give someone a beverage that will be delivered digitally and redeemed at participating cafés. Let’s pay it forward together! Check out our software today.

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