Why You Should Use Digital Gift Cards to Reward Employees – What to Know


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Studies have found that employees are more motivated to work if they feel like their employers recognise this work and care for their welfare. Especially now that the working environment is shifting to a more nurturing community, companies have been adapting several reward systems into their workplace.

Appreci has designed a form of digital gifting using a message with a redeemable link. There will be a growing trend towards this approach in the future as it is instant and more effective than gift cards. Many employers today use digital gift cards to reward their employees. Not only is it convenient, but it is effective in making their employees feel appreciated. Also, employees can enjoy the perks of these cards anytime, anywhere.

Five Benefits of Using Digital Gifting to Reward Your Employees

Many employers have now been using e-gift cards to show appreciation to their employees. Here’s why companies choose to use them.

Benefit #1: It is fast and convenient

As the name implies, this system is purely digital. You can easily send a digital gift to your employee through your computer or mobile phone. Just enter your employee’s details, such as their e-mail address or phone number, and they will receive the digital gift instantly.

Once your employee receives their gift, they can spend it right away. Some e-gift cards have expirations, and some do not. If you are sending the former, it would be nice to inform your employee when you send it and when it will expire, in case they don’t notice.

Benefit #2: It is less expensive and waste-free

Since digital gifts are sent online, you don’t need to pay for admin, activation, and delivery fees that the physical gift cards require. This means that you can save costs for other necessities.

Additionally, digital gifts don’t need any printing and packaging productions, so you wouldn’t need to discard anything and add more unnecessary garbage in this already polluted world.

Benefit #3: It is more secure

When you purchase physical gift cards for your company, you buy it in bulk. Unless you give those to your employees all at once, there’s a possibility you will misplace or forget them. As mentioned, some gift cards expire at a specified period. So, when you store it for a long time, you run the risk of it expiring, meaning you will forfeit its value. The same goes for when you lose some cards.

With digital gift cards, everything is stored on a secure system. You wouldn’t need to worry about its expiration because it would only activate once your employee has redeemed it.

Benefit #4: It is customizable

Show appreciation to your employees by sending them a personalised message. With many digital gifts you can customise the message and design, and you can also give your employees the freedom to choose where they would like to spend it.

These small details will have a significant impact on your employees. For instance, when they see their name on the message, they would feel that their employer has recognised their hard work.

Benefit #5: It rewards your employees in an instant

Whether one of your employees has reached a target or your whole team closed a good deal, you can reward them with digital gift cards instantly. Doing this does not only make them feel appreciated, but it also helps them be motivated and stay loyal to your company.

How you treat your employees will affect their performance. So, make sure to give credit and recognition where it is due.


As an employer, it is your responsibility to look after your employees. To achieve general success, start by recognising and rewarding your employees for their achievements. You can show appreciation by giving them incentives, and one of those is through digital gift.

If you’re looking for recognition software for your business, contact Appreci today. Just like you, we value appreciation and gratitude, and we want to help you bring this culture to your business. Contact us today.

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