When Should You Gift Alcohol?

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Give Alcohol as a Gift in Australia

When you want to show your appreciation for someone but you’re stumped on what to give them, your mind likely wanders to a consumable, like a food or beverage. You want it to be something fun, though, so you may be thinking of demonstrating your gratitude by gifting wine or beer. However, gifting alcohol is a tricky situation, requiring a delicate approach to make sure you match your recipient’s tastes. 

There are endless options for alcohol out there, so it can be dizzying to pick the right one for your loved one. The great news is that you can use eGift cards to ensure your recipient chooses their favourite alcohol, making the situation a win-win. Here are some scenarios where gifting alcohol is especially welcome:


Birthday gifts are arguably the ones that must contain the most thought, as you’d want to give them something they’ll genuinely enjoy and appreciate. If the birthday celebrant enjoys a specific kind of wine, beer, or spirit, look for limited-edition versions of their favourites to truly wow them. However, if they enjoy a wide range of alcohol and you can’t nail down their most preferred one, a wine or beer eGift card should do the trick.

Dinners or Housewarming Parties

When you attend a dinner or a housewarming party, it’s polite to bring something with you to offer the hosts, not quite the guests. Keep in mind that your gift may be consumed the same day you give it, which is why wine and beer are perfect for these situations. You can also work with a tighter budget and still provide a delicious gift that everyone, especially the hosts, is sure to enjoy.

Impressing Your Boss

Showing your appreciation for your boss through a gift is often done to celebrate their occasion while making yourself look good to them. Since they’re your boss, give something classy and elegant, as your gift is a reflection on you. Consider choosing alcohol that lasts more than a day after opening so your boss can enjoy it on numerous occasions and remember how competent an employee you are. Be sure to give the gift in private so that it doesn’t result in an uncomfortable situation for either of you, especially when your other co-workers witness the gift-giving.


The holidays signify the season of love, warmth, celebration, and spending time with your loved ones. Given the many events that occur during the holidays, you’ll have endless options to choose as your gift, like champagne for the New Year or a nice, spicy beer brewed especially for Christmas. To help you narrow your options, you should think about pairing your gift with food. People tend to eat more heartily during the cooler months, and spirits, bold red wines, and fortified wines usually go best with these. 

Giving eGift Cards

When you have no idea what kind of alcohol to give your recipient, why not choose a wine or beer eGift card? We’ve partnered with The Hidden Sea to offer three of the most delicious wines on the market. With each bottle of wine you purchase, we will also remove ten plastic bottles from the ocean.

On the other hand, if you want to gift beer, we’ve partnered with Malt shovel to provide you with five of their best beers. With just a few taps, you have a four-pack of beer cans hand-delivered to any of your mates’ doorstep. 


It can be tough to figure out what kind of alcohol to give your loved ones, as giving them the wrong one may taint your relationship, especially if you’re gifting it to someone as important as your boss. However, by using our guide, you’ll find the right alcohol to show your appreciation to your recipient.

If you’re looking for more ways to show gratitude to others, check out Appreci! We’ve made it easy to express your appreciation for others through the gift of a beverage, delivered digitally, in-person, or redeemable at a participating café. Download the app today!

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