How to Express Gratitude to Your Loved Ones Anytime of the Year

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7 Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Loved

Gratefulness never goes out of style, especially to those who contribute significantly to who you and your organisation are today.

More than the holidays, any moment can be an excellent opportunity to show appreciation for your loved one. If we learned anything from the world crisis we’ve gone through the past two years, it’s to value relationships and show people you care when you can.

Life is too short, and we should live it well, and showing gratitude is one way to do that. In fact, being appreciative can improve your mental and spiritual health, your attitude, and most significantly, make someone else’s day. You can never truly tell how much a simple gesture might help someone in need.

We’ve put together a graphic that describes the hallmarks of the effects of appreciation.

Here are seven simple ways you can thank the people you love:

1. Write Them a Letter

Writing a letter doesn’t seem like the most practical way to express your gratitude in this day and age. However, a handwritten note that you send along with a small gift or token can be a genuine way to say thank you. The gesture means more than a simple text message or email.

2. Send a Special Delivery

When thanking people, it’s always nice to catch them off-guard and make them smile. One way to do that is to send a special delivery. Whether it’s through the postal service or by courier, there’s nothing like an unexpected package to give a little excitement to your recipient who will be thrilled to know there’s a note inside. Whatever you send, make sure it’s something that symbolises your thankfulness.

3. Do Something Sweet for Them

If someone you love wants to try a new recipe, maybe you can help them out. Or if they’re going to pick out a movie for an upcoming date night, you can do that, too! Don’t get too experimental, though—you can settle and do something small and simple that you know they will enjoy. For instance, you can make them a special dessert, buy their favourite magazine or book, help them plan a small get-together, and the like.

4. Throw a Small Party

If you want to express gratitude to loved ones who do a lot for you, maybe throwing a small party is the perfect token of your appreciation. A celebration is a great excuse to get everyone together, whether it’s in person or through the magic of social media. 

5. Give Them a Surprise

A gift from Appreci is a good way to show someone you care, making them feel appreciated. If they’re having a hard time, try to cheer them up with a special surprise. It could be something small, like a coffee, or something larger, like a bottle of wine or chocolate.

6. Make Them Your Priority

Yes, you want to treat them and make them feel special, but don’t forget about yourself, either. You must take care of yourself and make sure you fulfil your needs because if you’re not happy, you can’t help feeling good. Show yourself some love too. Do something nice or take some time off for yourself each day.

7. Begin Their Day with a Coffee

A favourite of ours is to kickstart the day with a cup of coffee or tea. Giving someone their favourite morning coffee through Appreci is one of the simplest ways to show you care. Numerous ways exist to demonstrate thanks, some of which are free, while others inventive or add a new spin on old traditions. Regardless of your choice, the person you wish to treat will feel appreciated, respected, and grateful for you.


Showing gratitude is essential—whether the reason is big or small. While it’s always nice to express your appreciation, the most important thing is to explain what you’re grateful for. Go ahead and tell them using a video, audio, or text message and a delightful surprise from Appreci. They’ll be thrilled that you care enough to show your appreciation, and you’ll feel great knowing you’ve made a difference in your loved one’s life.

At Appreci, we help you with various ways to show gratitude to others. You can show your “appreci-ation” by sharing a coffee, wine, beer, gift card or chocolate. We are a low-commitment, straightforward, customer-centric, and budget-focused platform aiming to empower people and deepen relationships. Appreci is for turning thoughtful moments into immeasurable impact and is a simple tool for people to convert their feelings into actions. Browse our gifts today!

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