4 Ways You Can Effectively Express Employee Appreciation

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Ways You Can Effectively Express Employee Appreciation

Managing a team and ensuring their continued motivation can be a tough job. The future of the company and the livelihood of the people you lead are in your hands. 

It is challenging to be an executive, but being a regular employee is harder for many. They make up most of your company’s workforce and often come to the office despite harsh weather conditions and render several work hours. 

This is why investing in the best ways to demonstrate your appreciation and recognition for regular employees is an essential part of managing a business. Read on to learn about valuable tips to effectively communicate employee appreciation and ensure the wellbeing and satisfaction of your team. 

1. Awards for Years of Service

These days, employees no longer stay at a company for very long, likely because these firms do not value longevity. Recognising an employee’s years of service to your organisation is a way to eliminate this thinking. Make your workers feel that you value loyalty and take the time to go beyond the usual trophy and coupon. 

When giving awards for years of service, plan and make an effort to personalise the gifts based on each employee’s interests. From the plaque to the special gift collection, this is your opportunity to get creative and make your team members feel appreciated. 

2. Employee-Positive Mission Statement

Mission statements are often overlooked, but they can heavily influence the behaviour and attitude of your employees. An apt and well-constructed mission statement can positively direct the decisions and actions of workers on all levels. 

External mission statements are vital in assuring your prospective and loyal clients. On the other hand, internal mission statements are a more critical element that you should also pay attention to. These are exclusive to your employees and help direct their path to success. Creating an internal mission statement is also a chance for you to promise rewards for hard work and respectful treatment for all staff members. 

Grand mission statements help make your employees feel valued every time they walk through your door. We also recommend reviewing your mission statement every year to ensure it stays relevant to your workers and objectives. Better yet, ask your employees for suggestions on possible edits. 

3. Motivational Artworks in the Office

You should consider motivational posters and other art pieces as an extension of your mission statement. Pay attention to the quality of signage you post around your workplace and their ability to boost the mood of your employees. 

To succeed in this, take the time to ask your workers what motivates them the most before spending funds on materials that may not necessarily be what they like.

4. Tangible Rewards for Results

Paying your employees the bare minimum while demanding their best is a huge problem and will negatively affect your business in years to come. If your company can not afford yearly salary increases, at least invest in unique corporate gifts that address the needs and interests of your employees. 

There is a wide range of options for you to choose from, including increased time off and work from home benefits to bestow a hardworking and excellent employee. 


The abovementioned tips are not difficult to implement, as long as you take the time to know your employees and try to meet their needs. After all, before they are job doers, workers are humans. So, treat them as such, and you will soon see your enterprise grow with people who are eager to achieve great things for the organisation. 

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