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How to Boost Employee Morale and Productivity 

Employees are the lifeblood of a company. They keep the gears turning and are the people who work on the ground to make sure the vision that management has set becomes a reality. Studies show that a sure-fire way to boost productivity in the workplace is to recognise employees for their daily inputs.

Often this comes in the form of a verbal acknowledgement, a pat on the back, or sometimes a bonus. However, if you have cycled through these three types of recognition and would like to provide more constructive feedback to your employees, here are a few ideas on how to do that.

Get teams to collaborate

Teams do not operate in a vacuum—though their functions might be different, each one has the potential to learn from their colleagues from a different department or unit. Since all of the teams are there to support the company’s goals, their functions complement each other. A manager should bring that interrelation to the surface and let teams collaborate on projects.

If teams learn how to work better with each other, they will have an easier time communicating with co-workers. They might also find areas of opportunity that they would not have discovered had they stayed in their lane. This is not easy. Employees can find it difficult to leave their comfort zone to pursue a project which has no guarantee of succeeding.

Still, employees who get tapped for collaborations reap more benefits from this kind of recognition. People who enjoy collaborating and get asked to do so will associate their job with feelings of achievement and productivity. This, in turn, could drive them to achieve more.

Praise work on ad-hoc tasks

Last-minute tasks are a reality in any company; even if you have an efficient task management system, there are just some things that inevitably crop up at rather inconvenient times. In cases like these, most employees will take up the work and put in the extra effort to get things done.

Be sure that you appreciate their efforts when this happens—however, do so in a way that reinforces the behaviour and does not just concentrate on the product. For example, you can highlight your employees’ cheerful disposition or willingness to put in more effort. You might also recognise the efficiency of the team’s workflow.

The ad-hoc task is probably a one-off activity, something that won’t happen often. However, through activities like this, your team gains valuable experience that can be usable within your organisation when required.

Reward behaviour based on core values

Your company’s core values should mean more to you than just an extra slide show for onboarding presentations. These should be the driving force behind all decisions in a company. Recognising employee behaviour that aligns with the company’s values is a good way of promoting positive company culture.

Since you are acknowledging someone for adhering to company values, you are signaling to others that this is an action that management approves of. Beyond crediting an employee verbally, you can send them a token gesture such as Appreci or provide a non-monetary benefit for this behaviour.

Create a wellness program

A healthy employee is a productive one. Make sure that your employees are making decisions that contribute to their health by positively reinforcing ones that support wellness. Create an employee rewards program and give people incentives when they make choices like exercising, eating healthy food, going on a mindfulness meditation program, or other positive actions.

Reinforce long-term goals

Long-term objectives are ones that the company wants to achieve in months or even years. Therefore, it requires more commitment than projects, which can be completed in weeks. In this case, it is beneficial to praise employee behaviour that contributes directly to the goal. For example, securing an international partner is a key part of expanding overseas, and this is something that should be recognised in the company.


Recognition is enough for many people to keep working on company objectives. No matter how dedicated someone is to an organisation, they sometimes need a little nudge to get themselves going. Giving credit where it is due is effective in nudging employees in the right direction. The quickest way to show appreciation for your employees is by giving them a reward, or signing up for an employee rewards program with us at Appreci.

We can help you reward your employees right across Australia. Contact us today and learn about how our one-tap employee rewards software helps boost productivity and morale.

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