5 Ways Microsoft Teams Improves Your Workspace – What to Know


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How Microsoft Teams Improves Your Workspace

In a highly digital world, old processes gradually become obsolete. It is especially true in the landscape of work. To ensure that the team hits goals and objectives, embracing technology and streamlining is crucial.

Microsoft Teams apps offer just what workspaces need—a chat-based space where co-workers can communicate, as well as make decisions as a team. It also allows you to meet virtually, share various files, and work with other business applications needed to achieve collaboration.

Regardless of your work’s nature, remote-based or office-based, Microsoft Teams offers you the best possible choice of one shared workspace. To learn more about what it has to offer, here are its six key benefits:

1 – It’s highly accessible

As a cloud-based platform, Microsoft Teams can be used anywhere in the world, at any time and on any device. It can be accessed as a mobile application or via a desktop, supported by various operating systems such as the following:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • iOS
  • Android

All your team members need is a stable internet source, a handy device, and their best game faces!

2 – It encourages effective communication

Microsoft Teams is a favourite because it encourages effective communication. One of its most prominent features is the threaded conversations, where users are allowed to engage in private and group messaging using threaded discussions that are easy to access.

Users are allowed to create various channels, which makes conversations as organised as possible. Everything is also archived, meaning that no important information will be buried.

You’re allowed to categorise messages per topic, which means that every team member can access conference calls, brainstorming sessions, and even random chats in easy-to-find threads. 

3 – It increases productivity levels

Traditional email once offered an innovative way of communicating, but email sessions now lead to oversight and missing information, especially if dealing with evolving email threads.

Through Microsoft Teams, everyone receives the message in real-time, which allows them to collaborate and add meaningful insights to keep the discussion flowing. By doing so, you can reach solutions faster.

4 – It emphasises the importance of working together

Through the use of Microsoft Teams, everyone will be able to work on projects together. Team members can view and edit a single Word document at the same time, along with Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other tools necessary.

Chat boxes are also present, as with options for meetings, notes, and attachments. These features allow each member to communicate effectively should issues arise, wherever they may be. 

Through seamless interaction and communication, projects will be easier to handle. You’ll be able to hit deadlines with minimal mistakes and shortcomings because effective communication is always in place.

5 – It’s highly customisable

Every workspace operates differently. While certain processes may be accepted as an industry trend, not every idea works as a universal solution. Microsoft Teams, however, is highly versatile.

It allows you to connect third-party tools such as Appreci, and other choices of Microsoft apps that are otherwise not originally available on Microsoft Teams. Your group, for instance, may find social media an important aspect of your operations. That said, the cloud-based platform allows you to customise your workspace to reflect just what you need—all on your terms.


The time for streamlining processes is now—in a highly digital world, your workspace will do well to integrate well with the times. The consequences of failing to adapt to technology may be grim, but automation goes beyond that.

It highlights the best business practices, allowing team members to grow and thrive, and in turn, achieve business growth. Through the use of a platform like Microsoft Teams, you’ll be futureproofing your business operations.

If you’re looking to integrate Microsoft Teams apps into your workspace in Australia, work with Appreci. Our team is here to bring a digital gifting solution into your business that focuses on core human values, such as appreciation, gratitude, and collaboration.

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