How to Write Brief, Thoughtful Messages on eGift Cards

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How to Write Brief, Thoughtful Messages on eGift Cards

Giving and receiving gifts is one of the main five love languages people can have. However, despite wanting to give a gift to someone you love, you may not have the time to actually buy it and give it to them. Luckily, eGift cards are there to help save the day.

They can make gift giving more convenient for you, and you even have the option to include a short message in your eGift card. But now comes the question of what you’re supposed to write in them. You want to avoid overly generic messages, but you also don’t have enough space to write a long, meaningful message. If this is a problem you face, we’re here to offer some help so you can convey the right message to your loved one in just under a few words.


It’s tempting to just write a simple “happy birthday” attached to your eGift card. However, that just won’t do. You want to try something with a little more character and personality. Now, it doesn’t have to be something long and drawn out. You can still be a bit creative with just a few words.

For example, if you’re giving them a beer eGift card, you can say something along the lines of “Cheers to another year of life with you in it.” It’s sweet, simple, and relates to the gift you’re giving. 


When it comes to celebrating an anniversary, an eGift card may not be the best thing to give your partner. However, it can be a great pre-anniversary gift to surprise them a few days before your actual anniversary. You can use it as a teaser for your actual anniversary date by saying something like, “Loving you is something I celebrate every day. And I look forward to seeing you soon. Just bring the wine, and I’ll take care of everything else.” This works best if you’re sending them a wine eGift to drink on your anniversary.


Whether it’s graduating from school or getting a promotion, sending your loved ones a congratulatory gift can really make them feel extra special about their latest milestone. But it’s even more important to use your words and let them know how proud you are of them. So, just be honest when writing your message for this one.

Thank You

We all need to practice more gratitude in life. And what better way to do so than by sending someone a “thank you” gift. But don’t just go with the generic “thank you” note. Be more open by telling them how much you appreciate them.

For example, if you’re sending a coffee eGift card, you can say something like, “You’re the best, and I appreciate you. So, go get yourself your favourite coffee. It’s on me. You deserve it.”

Final Thoughts

It’s always a nice gesture to send someone you love a gift. And with eGift cards, you can make it even more convenient. Just make sure you add a short and special message to let them know you love them.

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