The Effect of the Pandemic on the Way People Give Gifts

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Effect of the Pandemic on the Way People Give Gifts​

All people were not prepared for the sudden hit of the pandemic in 2020. The world has been shaken, and it altered the way we live. The effect of the pandemic, particularly on the consumer’s behaviour, is still noticeable. And one of the major shifts that many people created is how they approach gift-giving.

Since there are still restrictions that make socialising more challenging for all, people find the online world very useful and reliable. They overcome the restrictions by making gift-giving possible online. In fact, there’s an 80 percent increase in global searches for “online gifts” in 2020 compared to 2019. The desire to give has also expanded beyond the typical special occasions, not only for immediate family members or social circles but also for the wider community.

In this article, we will further discuss the effect of the pandemic on the way people give gifts and why they are doing it.

Why Do People Have This Desire To Give Gifts During the Pandemic?

1. People Want To Make Up for Lost Time and Experience  

According to Google and The Green Room Collective’s in-depth interviews with consumers in the U.S, people give gifts during this pandemic to make up for lost time and experience. Since the celebration for special occasions and a lot of milestones have been outright cancelled in 2020, they tend to spoil the recipient or celebrant with gifts instead. Some said that gifts take on more meaning this year, so they give gifts as often as possible.

2. People Are Compelled To Do Something About the Difficult Times

Another reason why people want to give gifts during this pandemic is that they want to do something for people who suffer during this difficult time. They have witnessed how hard it is for other people in their community and worldwide, so they have this human instinct to help.

Searches for “volunteer opportunities near me” have grown by over 50 per cent year over year, and searches for “donation centres near me” have increased by over 100 per cent. This data only shows that people really wanted to do something for other people suffering during this pandemic, even in their own little ways.

How Does the Pandemic Affect the Way People Give Gifts?

1. People Became More Practical in Giving Gifts

Since the pandemic has been hard for all, people became more practical by ensuring that they are giving the right gifts that are useful for the recipient. For example, some people give basic groceries instead of sweaters, while others ask for a list and buy something specifically for people.

Searches for “gift card online” have also increased by over 100 percent year over year. That is because people want to ensure that their gifts get to where they need to go.

2. People’s Motives in Giving Gifts Is Not Only for Love

Before the pandemic, people give gifts because it’s their way to express their love. But, their reason for giving gifts has changed come 2020 because aside from love, there’s also empathy. It became their way to bridge the physical distance caused by quarantine.


The pandemic has not stopped people from giving gifts to each other. While the motives, meaning and approach have changed, it doesn’t change the fact that people still choose gifts as a way to express their care and love for other people. Fortunately, giving gifts online is now possible; you just need to find the right gift to give.

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