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Our pricing model is simple*

* No asterisks, disclaimers or fees typed in small fonts

BIG thanks

$12 (incl GST)

two coffees or teas of any type

SMALL thanks

$6 (incl. GST)

one coffee or tea of any type

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Appreci?

A: Via a mobile app, Appreci strives to promote a sense of mindfulness and gratitude via The Gratitude Economy. The Gratitude Economy is a community built on recognising the good in people and strives to create better human connections through the use of technology that offers a tangible experience. This simple and instant show of gratitude, whether from friend to friend, cafe to consumer, business to business or employer to team, is currently available in the form of a coffee or warm beverage.  

DOWNLOAD THE APP to get your free coffee to gift and help power the #gratitudeeconomy today!

Q: Where can I use Appreci?

A: Our Cafe community offering the Appreci giving experience is still growing.  View our MAP to find your nearest location.

Can’t find a cafe near you?  REGISTER your local cafe and help us power The Gratitude Economy in your area!


Q: How do I get Appreci?

A:  It’s as simple as downloading the Appreci app for iOS or Android

Whether you have been invited to join The Gratitude Economy by a friend, your employer or your local cafe, the process of downloading the app is all the same. Here are the steps to download Appreci for iOS & Android.  

Are you a Cafe who would like more info on how you can join The Gratitude Economy and offer Appreci redemptions at your POS? Click HERE. 

Are you a business who would like to show “appreci-ation” to staff and stakeholders? Click HERE.

Q: The map and weblink that I received in my sign up text is not working?

A: To enable the map and weblink that you received, ensure that the below location services are turned on in your phone settings:

Android:  Settings – location – Select Browser – Permissions – Allow Location

iOS:  Settings – Privacy – Location Services – Safari – change to “While Using”

Q: How do I redeem my thanks?

A: Step 1: Open the Appreci APP and use the map to locate and visit your nearest cafe.   

Step 2: Click REDEEM THANKS on the app

Step 3: Choose the thanks you would like to redeem using the CLICK TO REDEEM button.

Step 4: Click the TAP HERE button and scan the QR code displayed at the cafe.

Step 5: Present your green confirmation screen to the cafe assistant.

Step 6:  Enjoy your tasty caffeine hit with gratitude.

Q: Can I send thanks if I don’t have any send credits?

A: You sure can.  The Appreci app will ask you for your credit card details to securely purchase your “thanks”.  You can purchase single thanks or load up on multiple thanks for quick and easy displays of gratitude… Super handy when you’ve forgotten that birthday or special occasion. (Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!)

Q: I don’t have a Cafe near me?

A: We apologise that we aren’t in your area yet.  We would really love to be. You can REGISTER  your local cafe HERE so we can get in contact with them to join The Gratitude Economy!

Q: I want to show my staff and stakeholders how much I “appreci-ate” them. How do I find out more about Appreci for my business, team or event?

A: Click HERE for more details on how your business can join The Gratitude Economy!

Q: I am a cafe owner who is keen to join The Gratitude Economy! How can I get more info.

A: Click HERE to register your cafe and help us power The Gratitude Economy!

Q: I've sent a 'thanks' to someone and they haven't received it yet. How can I make sure it will be successfully received?
- Three easy steps you can check.

A: Make sure you are you using the latest version of the APP. 

A:  The recipient must check their SPAM folder to make sure it didn’t end up in there.

A: Confirm if the recipient has verified their email address. Sometimes protective email services will direct the verification email to their SPAM folder.

This seems too simple. Is there a catch?

No setup, monthly or hidden fees

No minimum spend requirements