5 Steps to a Successful Rewards Recognition Program – Our Guide


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Steps to a Successful Rewards Recognition Program

An effective reward and recognition program (R&R program) serves as the backbone of any company’s employee engagement strategy. To keep people motivated and happy, keeping up with changing employee needs is always necessary.

The best way to do this is through a dynamic R&R program, which should encompass the celebration of work anniversaries, birthdays, along with recognitions and awards. A good R&R program keeps employees motivated and cared for, especially since they’re able to sit back and enjoy daily wins or spontaneous treats.

How do you go about building an effective program? While it may seem like a daunting task, having the right formula ensures your success. Here are five simple steps to setting up an employee reward and recognition program:

Step# 1 – Finalise your vision

Before implementing the program, lay the groundwork for what is involved. Identify your goals, expectations, results you wish to achieve, and of course, the purpose. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Will this program increase employee engagement?
  • Will it increase motivation and productivity?
  • Will it help improve our company culture?

Once you’ve defined these, building such a complex program will be easier.

Step #2 – Build a reliable committee

After discerning your program’s framework, the next step is to form a committee. This ensures that the program will be implemented efficiently and effectively—no matter how good an individual may be, a one-man show just won’t suffice.

Regardless of your company size, appointing people responsible for the program’s different aspects is crucial to success. The program’s establishment is one thing, but there’s also management, implementation, and communication. You’ll also want someone to reinforce the importance of R&R to the entire workforce, so it’s best to work with a reliable team.

Step #3 – Define the characteristics of your R&R program

After gathering a team, come up with the characteristics of your R&R program. The following items should act as your blueprint for a successful employee rewards program:

  • Timely: Remember: recognition delayed is denied recognition. If you have top performers in your company, recognise them right away. Delaying will only lessen the impact of the recognition given, which will affect your program’s intended function.
  • Frequent: Rewards and recognition work as seeds of motivation. It’s only valid when given regularly, so make sure that the program works in a real-time process.
  • Value-based: The most important form of recognition to give is one that aligns with your company’s core values. If your company works with these values in mind, make sure to incorporate them into your program.

Step #4 – Build the criteria

To create a meaningful reward and recognition program, set fair criteria. Remember that you’re doing this for the employees, so make appreciation and recognition attainable, convenient, and reasonable for every person in your organisation. The idea behind these criteria is to encourage behaviours you want to see more of, so ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of attainments and behaviours should be rewarded?
  • How should these be rewarded?
  • How often should employees be rewarded?

Step #5 – Oversee the implementation

Once you’ve figured out the complexities of your R&R program, the next step is implementation. Its success lies in how well it’s received by the workforce, so make sure that proper communication has been performed. Make them aware of the program, how it works, and the many benefits they can enjoy. Encourage them throughout the program, as this helps them adapt to the behaviours you wish to reinforce.

Leadership within the company should also be on board with the program—supervisors, managers, and senior management should promote the program, as it signals to their subordinates that there is value to be gained.


In a setting where work seems to overtake most aspects of an employee’s life, it’s important to recognise that they are people above all. They have wants and needs—addressing these will mean higher levels of productivity and motivation. Through the help of an employee rewards program, you’ll keep every single employee happy and working at their full potential.

To help you come up with the best program, check out Appreci’s employee rewards software. The little things matter, so send a simple message of thanks along with a redeemable gift through our application. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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