Thinking of Sending Wine as a Gift: Here’s What to Know


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Nowadays, almost everything that people need can be found online or managed digitally. That makes it easy and convenient for people to come up with the best ways to send someone a thoughtful gift. Even sending someone a bottle of wine or beer, a classic favourite gift, can be done so conveniently.

If you are thinking of gifting people their favourite drink, you may want to understand first the dos and don’ts of sending a bottle of wine or a 4 pack of beer as a gift. Here are some reminders before you proceed to that part.

How to Make Your Wine or Beer Gift-Giving a Success

1. Understand Your Recipient’s Preferences

When sending someone a bottle of wine or beer as a gift with Appreci, you don’t need to know their preferences first. We let the gift recipient choose their favourite wine or beer. When you send a beer or wine gift and the gift receiver decides they would prefer to pay it forward, Appreci’s software allows this to happen. There is always another person who is equally grateful to receive a lift in their day.

2. Consider the Occasion

In addition to learning the recipient’s preferences, it is also important to know the occasion they are celebrating. You want to send a bottle of wine or beer depending on the occasion. If it’s a male friend who has helped you move house, maybe beer would be appropriate. If its for a birthday, and maybe the gift receiver is older perhaps wine might be more appropriate.

3. Delivery Options

After you are able to choose a bottle of wine or beer for the recipient. Fortunately, Appreci has partnered with some great Australian brands such as The Hidden Sea who ship to your door. When you send a gift to your recipient, they fill in a short form and voila a few days later, their gift arrives at their door.

Why Choose Wine or Beer as Your Gift?

Choosing to send someone a bottle of wine or beer as a gift is a good idea for several reasons.

Wine and beer are classic gifts. It is classy and fashionable as well as inexpensive. You can give it to a friend, coworker, or boss to show your appreciation for them.

Wine and beer is also widely preferred drink. People love to drink wine or beer at any time of the day and on any occasion. It is a drink that can be enjoyed with food or on its own.

Giving wine or beer is also thoughtful. If you are trying to pick a thoughtful gift and not too personal, sending someone a bottle of wine or beer is a good idea.

Even if you do not know the recipient that well, sending that person a bottle of wine or beer is a sure way to get them to like you. It is a great way to be thoughtful without being too personal

That allows them to receive their favourite beverage or similar wine and enjoy it even more.


Wine and beer is an ideal gift for someone who appreciates good taste. If you think of sending wine or beer as a gift, you should consider the above tips.

Looking for the best gift ideas in Australia to send via email? Consider checking Appreci out. Appreci is a platform that allows you to send customer connection gift vouchers to anyone deserving through redemption programs. Start browsing today!

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