4 Reasons Why E-Gift Cards Make the Best Employee Reward​


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Why E-Gift Cards Make the Best Employee Reward​

Gift cards have always been one of the most desired gift items. This insight is something that you must keep in mind and apply when it comes to your employee reward system. Recognising your employees and sending them the right present will make your employee appreciation efforts effective and successful.

Considering this, incorporating gift cards into your efforts may be the key to truly making your team feel special. If you want to take this a step further, you may want to take a look at e-gift cards and explore how you can incorporate them into your employee incentives.

Aside from being a personalised and convenient reward that suits everyone, here are some more reasons why e-gift cards make the best employee reward:

1. They Allow the Recipient To Choose the Gift They Want To Receive

Rewarding your employees with e-gift cards for a job well done takes the appreciation to the next level. This is because the gift gives them the freedom to choose the gift they actually need or want to receive. All they need to do is open an app, present it at a counter, and choose the item they want.

2. They Provide a Seamless Recipient Experience

E-gift cards can be sent and received through email or phone apps; they can also be accessed on a computer. On top of that, they can be easily spent online or in stores. With all of these, the recipient will be able to access their e-gift cards wherever and whenever they want to spend it.

Because of this functionality, sending a simple thank you gift or token of appreciation is made faster and simpler for all parties.

3. They Are Highly Customisable

If you want to add a short message to your reward, most digital gifting apps and software allow you to do this. Whether you’re sending tens or hundreds of them, adding in a personalised message will not be a time-consuming and stressful process.

These personalised messages prompt your employees to associate the use and enjoyment of their e-gift cards to you who gave it to them. Of course, this also makes them feel even more special and valued.

4. They Can Accommodate A Range of Personalities

At every workplace, the individuals that make up the team have starkly different personalities and preferences. Considering this, a reward that one group prefers may not be something that another group desires at all.

As a manager or executive, thinking about that one thing that will satisfy everyone may stress you out—because you’ll eventually realise that there’s none. And there’s no problem with that!

Giving our e-gift cards as a reward shows your employees that you are acknowledging their differences and are giving them the liberty to choose their own reward. By accommodating their different personalities in this way, you’ll be creating a more impactful reward experience.


Gift cards are one of the most desired gift items out there, and sending them digitally as a reward for your employees may significantly improve your employee appreciation efforts. They make reward-giving much easier for you and even allow you to add a customised message to make the gift more special.

They also make the experience more impactful and special for your employees as they have the freedom to choose their reward. In the end, everyone wins, and you’ll end up with more motivated and satisfied employees!

Looking to boost your employee rewards program in Australia? We’ve got you covered! We’ve built the Appreci app for one goal: to empower you to appreciate those around you, even for the little things. Get in touch today to learn how our employee recognition software can help you build a culture of appreciation in your organisation!

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