Reasons Being More Grateful Can Strengthen Relationships

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Reasons Being More Grateful Can Strengthen Relationships

Humans are born with an instinct to create connections with other people, whether with family members, friends, or strangers. The saying “No man is an island” remains true up to this day because for a person to truly live a happy and fulfilling life, they will always end up depending on others, one way or another.

Similarly, to keep your relationships with other people solid and long-lasting, it won’t hurt to show them you’re grateful for having them in your life. Whether they’re a loved one, a colleague, or someone who has only recently become part of your life, you can prove you appreciate your paths crossing through discovering ways to show your gratitude.

Life is indeed short. While you are still in this world with the people you care about, you could make an effort to send your family, partner, friend, or coworker a gift to keep your bond strong. Keep reading below to find out why expressing your gratitude to people can become the glue that holds your relationship together.

It Can Maintain Strong Bonds

Every time you tell the people you love that you’re grateful for them, they feel loved and appreciated, and you feel good about it. When you thank others for existing in your life, your relationship has better chances of growing through the years, despite not always spending physical time together.

When you show your feelings out in the open, you discover the people in your life that respond well to gratitude. One of the keys to keeping relationships stable is to let the other person know you appreciate them whenever you can.

Once a person finds out how you feel about them, they become more invested and dedicated to the success of your relationship, inspiring them to stay in it for the moments to come. Besides, when you thank another person for what they’ve done to you, it could lead you or the other to respond generously as proof of wanting the relationship to last even longer.

It Can Enhance Existing Connections

Through practising gratitude, you get to improve your relationships—with your partner, family, friends, colleagues, or customers. Once the parties involved realise the value of a genuine connection, you will continue doing things to keep the relationship stable and strong.

Besides, showing people you appreciate them is easy. You can start by letting them know or thanking them out in the open, or sending them gifts for him or her, especially on the days they need them the most, as a way to motivate them to keep going.

It Can Keep Your Closeness with Others Intact

Expressing your gratitude doesn’t have to be limited to personal relationships because even your co-workers need a boost to get them through their days. When you send corporate gifts to your colleagues for doing a job well done over the past months, it can surely improve your relationship with them and inspire them to do better at work.

Other ways to prove you appreciate all their hard work include complimenting them for their terrific work or offering free treats once in a while to boost their morale. When you make an effort to get to know your colleagues, they become more comfortable around you while remaining professional about it.

Every time they work with you on a new project, your co-workers won’t be afraid to ask you questions or tell you about their concerns to help eliminate potential problems immediately. Meanwhile, appreciating your friends and family can be as easy as sending them a message or making plans to see them.


Telling people you’re grateful for them can go a long way, especially if the other person is having a bad moment and all they need is to hear something nice to turn their day around. You can also focus on the gift of giving, such as having wine gifts delivered to their doorstep. Through expressing your gratitude, you can maintain strong bonds, enhance existing connections, and keep your closeness with others intact for a long time.

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