Channel 7 Sunrise

thnx!, appreci’s former brand appeared on Channel 7 Sunrise back in 2019. The team were interviewed and briefly described the application and underlying principles behind the business.

Saying thank you is one of easiest things we can do to spread positivity among friends, family and colleagues.

Now an Australian app is making it easier than ever to pay it forward, and it’s making waves in the Australian tech space and internationally.

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Thnx! Is a mobile app that allows you to buy a coffee for someone else, as a way of saying ‘thank you’.

You simply open the app, select you who want to thank, write a quick message, then tap to send. The person who receives the message can then redeem your gift of gratitude at an associated café.

The makers of the app say they have grand plans for Thnx!, and hope to expand the business to include flowers, drinks and other gifts.

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