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  • Appreciate at an instant
  • Last minute gifts
  • Thank customers
  • Thank staff
  • Community recognition


Earn incremental revenue and contribute to a powerful movement

Our merchant network has been steadily growing. We have hundreds of locally based businesses being supported by Appreci’s platform. Why not register, it takes less than few minutes.


How Does It Work?

Appreci is a gifting software platform that offers merchants a simple way of promoting their businesses via our growing userbase. Appreci's mature software infrastructure allows users to share tokens of appreciation in the form of a text or email message with a coffee redemption link via our web and apps. Links can be redeemed at participating cafes across the country. Cafes who participate receive secure payment automatically daily.

Appreci now offer additional plans that include social media promotions and webpage design and support. All of this along with our appreciation platform.

More traffic to your business

Your business is promoted to prospective customers and drive incremental foot traffic to your store.

Its easy, free to sign up and fast

Simply sign up and you’re ready to start welcoming new customers immediately.

You’re in control

You’ll see all items redeemed at your establishment and control your payout frequency.

Unique Marketing Offer

In addition to offering our gifting infrastructure and redemption software, the team at Appreci are offering 

an affordable plan which is focused on a unique experience for your customers. 

Why not consider giving our Social Media package a try. We’re giving an extra 5 redeemable links to cafes that sign up in the month of April. 

That’s an extra 5 free coffees donated to your customers from Appreci. 


Standard Plan - Incremental Income
$ 0
  • Visible on Appreci App map
  • Appreci Promotions Website
  • Incremental Income

Social Media

Social Media Plan, online redemption
$ 99
  • 5 Social Media Posts
  • 5 Appreci redeemable links
  • 5 Appreci redeemable links
  • Appreci Corporate Account
  • Appreci Promotions Website

What is Appreci all about?

Appreci is about turning thoughtful moments into action by following 3 simple steps, receive, find and redeem. Receivers of gifts locate your establishment on the map supplied on the app software, they visit and redeem a coffee at your cafe. Appreci pays you automatically, securely through our payment gateway partner.

1. Register
2. Gifts flow
3. Redeem
4. We pay you