A Good Cup of Coffee Isn’t Enough – Other Ways to Market Your Coffee Shop

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Modern Ways to Market Your Coffee Shop

For coffee lovers, the idea of owning and managing a cafe is a dream come true. Your very own coffee shop may be on the way, with a good location finalised and interior designed handpicked by you.  You’ve already sourced the best possible coffee and pastries you can offer, taking extra care to purchase only equally top-notch equipment.

Hiring baristas will be next on your list, but understand that the work does not stop there. All your hard work will prove to be futile without great cafe marketing, digital or otherwise. No matter how intricately designed and intoxicating your coffee may be, if no one knows about it, your business will be bound to fail.

How do you successfully market your business in an extremely competitive and modern landscape? Here’s how:

Identify your brand

The hallmark of every amazing business begins with a careful analysis of the brand they wish to convey. This is where your marketing efforts begin, as each message will be pulled entirely from how you want to appear in your consumer’s consciousness. How do you want to present yourself to the world, and in this case, your target market’s world?

You also need to identify your target audience, as they go hand-in-hand with your brand. The sooner you identify which customers you wish to target, the better. Are they career-driven individuals seeking to find solace in your cup of coffee? University students looking to find a good place to study and caffeinate? By doing so, you will be able to market your coffee shop in the best possible way.

Create creative and varied content

In the digital world, commanding attention means you need to produce attention-grabbing content. Your brand should be presented in ways that will keep people interested, forming loyal followers who are excited about your new ventures. Consider sharing photos of “coffee of the day”, which should include the coffee bean origins and how you’ve come up with the blend for them to try out.

Also consider running a regular feature on the coffee industry, some tips, and other behind-the-scenes content showcasing your baristas. Your platform must also be considered, but one of the best ways to market your coffee shop is through Instagram, linked to Facebook and your website.

Sell more than just coffee—offer experience

The reason why top coffee brands in the world remain successful? They sell more than just coffee—they allow their consumers to experience what else they have to offer. The very same formula can help your coffee shop soar to heights. Your coffee quality is paramount, but add to that value even more by encouraging your customers to stay in your shop.

Create an image of solace away from the stressors of the office—in your coffee shop, there is peace, socialization, and a nice cup of coffee. Offer free WiFi for students and workers trying to accomplish extra work, as with a couple of power outlets. Offer a rewards program for loyal customers, which can be as easy as setting up a software application. Creating an entirely different experience doesn’t have to be expensive!

Good Coffee and Even Better Marketing Plans

As a growing industry, keep in mind that you will be dealing with tough competition. There may be other coffee shops in the area trying to gain the attention of the same market, but your solid marketing plan will ensure that prospective customers come to you. Get a good grasp of your brand, get creative, and sell an experience—you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next big thing!

If you wish to improve your cafe marketing, Appreci is ready to assist. We offer you the Gratitude Economy™, which is a cafe movement in Australia dedicated to helping coffee shop owners like you achieve more. We’ll help you drive more traffic to your cafe, one cup of gratitude at a time! Contact us today to learn more!

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