Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued in the Company

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Easy Guide to Make Your Employees Feel Valued in the Company

Employees of today demand more out of their job than ever before. They don’t want a simple paycheck and work-life balance package, but also a way to find meaning in their careers and be appreciated for what they do.

So how can you make your employees feel valued? If you don’t have a deep purse to pay your employees large salaries or competitive benefits, you need to explore your other options. Here are three ways to achieve that:

Create Intentional Conversations

Some bosses are often too focused on maintaining the upper hand or exuding an aura of power that they refuse to show any emotion or compassion towards their employees. If that is the type of boss you are, it’s time to get over this.

If you want your employees to feel valued, you need to have intentional conversations with them to let them know that you think they are doing a good job. It’s best if you try to have at least one intentional conversation with an employee every day.

The conversation does not have to be complex. It can be a simple compliment about their work, such as telling them that they did a good representation of the company during a conference call you had with a client, or that they did a good job and to keep up their great work.

Simple statements like these can create a positive relationship between you and your employees, better than a one-time bonus.

Recognise the Work of Individual Employees

The best way to boost team morale is to do something for your entire team, such as catering lunch or bringing in doughnuts. However, if you want to highlight a particular individual and commend them for their work, doing something for the entire team won’t be the best way.

If that is your approach, that means your newbie intern and your top salesperson will be rewarded with the same thing, which is a slice of cake or pizza. That won’t make your top employee feel valued at all.

If you recognise individual employees for the work that they do, you are giving them morale. It doesn’t have to be formal at all. A simple slap on the back in the hallway is sometimes enough. But be sure to take the time to call people by their names and recognise individual efforts and contributions to the team.

Treat People With Dignity and Respect

It can be frustrating when employees mess up or fail to meet specific goals set. However, you won’t be doing you or your company any favour by constantly berating your employees. Mistakes are typical for humans and goals aren’t always met.

Still, as you’re talking to your team about these failed goals, be sure to still treat employees with respect and dignity. These two things won’t cost you anything, but it’s basic human decency to treat employees as such.


Above all, healthy companies know that internal communication with employees is a must to keep a sense of teamwork within the company. It’s another way of making them feel valued and appreciated.

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