How it works

We designed our platform so that we can offer recognition and appreciation in many ways. The core flow of our platform is sending a gift to someone deserving. Receivers of gifts redeem from one of many participating small business partners. We also offer a robust platform for our merchants to offer their products for purchase and redemption.



Partner with Appreci to attract new or existing customers. Be seen on Appreci’s redemption map at no cost to you. When you partner with Appreci we provide an easy to use platform to monitor performance. We will also be continually rolling out new features to help your business stand out. 

Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Appreci has secured relationships with several brands, so that we can offer a flexible range of products depending on the occasion. We now offer wine, beer and gift cards. There is now flexibility to offer more products in the future. Please contact us if you are interested in placing your brand on our platform.

B2B & B2C

Platform Users

Appreci has been designed to simplify relationship and recognition development. Our platform supports the everyday user and corporate organisations. Appreci users can quickly and easily manage an account multiple ways with the online portal and supporting apps.


Merchant Platform

Connection Platform

Why Appreci

Flexibile, low cost, simple to use, community based platform

Verified Merchants

Appreci partners with Stripe. We follow KYC compliance rules and as such our merchants follow a recognised onboarding process.

Secure Payment

Purchases are made via our secure payment gateway system Stripe.
Merchant payments are paid directly to merchant accounts via Stripe. No personal financial data is stored with Appreci.

Sales & Technical Support

If there are any questions related to your account or if you would like your favourite cafe added to the platform, we insist you get in touch.

Appreciate in Many Ways

Microsoft Teams

Appreci has integrated its software into Microsoft Teams. Recognise your team at the end of a project, or while working remotely. Send a coffee for redemption at one of our participating cafes or through Skip.

Desktop Platform

Send in bulk or as a one off to your customers or someone in your team via the online platform. Add your organisation to your Appreci account and unlock a range of convenient features. Add your team in bulk, distribute credits to them, its so easy.

Mobile Devices

Send and redeem on the go. Perhaps you forgot your friends birthday or your team worked back. Its as simple as opening the app, recording a message via video or audio or text then selecting the appropriate gift to send.

A gift for all occasions and budgets

It may only seem like a small gift, but the impact is great. A coffee at the right moment for someone deserving gives you so much pleasure.  

What next?

Go to the Appreci webpage to sign up. Whether you're a cafe, wine or beer company there is a place for you on our platform. The sign up process takes no more than a minute for general users and probably 3 more minutes for a merchant. We are always available to support you getting onboard.
Appreci is a free service, simply join, send or redeem. You will be supporting many of our merchants, who are locally based small businesses. Every bit of support we can give them goes a long way.


Create an account

Follow the very simple steps to signup as an individual, organisation or merchant.


Identify a deserving recipient

A deserving recipient will receive a coffee, beer, wine or gift card.


Support a local

Redeem your beer and wine, they will arrive at your address. A coffee is as simple as finding a nearby cafe on the Appreci map.


We've had our cafe's on the Appreci platform for almost the entire time its been in operation. We're happy to be supporting an Australian innovation and small business. We'll continue to support a product that is all about the community.

Two14 Coffee Co

Join Appreci, send a gift, support a local

Join Appreci's Coffee Lover Movement and get paid. #appreci #localcoffeeshop #supportsmallbusiness