How Coffee Shops Are Adjusting to the New Normal


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How Coffee Shops Are Adjusting to the New Normal

With social distancing in full force, a fully-functioning cafe may seem like a reality of the distant future. However, local coffee shops have been stepping up in regards to servicing its loyal customers from a distance. To maintain relevancy, demand, and a good flow of income while prioritising the safety of customers, here’s how modern cafes are taking the lead.

Getting Online

If your business hasn’t already jumped up on the bandwagon, it’s about time you get online. To ensure customer and employee wellness, cafes have been opening up online delivery and takeaway services to minimise or eliminate contact. Once an added bonus, technology is now what is keeping smaller businesses afloat during the pandemic.

Develop a Contactless Service Experience

As the pandemic continues to ease up around the country, cafes and restaurants are beginning to reopen at limited capacity. However, business owners are also needing to shift their focus from maintaining a steady income to ensuring top safety protocols.

You can easily minimise touchpoints by placing markers on the floor to indicate safe distances for diners. To prevent unnecessary contact between diners and employees, put up temporary glass barriers, and encourage customers to make online payments. To reassure customers that you’re providing them with the safest possible service, review and adhere to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

Incorporate Space for Remote Workers

As other businesses have remained closed, the majority of employees are turning to work-from-home solutions to maintain a steady income. However, not every worker will be equipped with their own Internet source. A unique selling point for most cafes is their free WiFi so offering it up for remote workers to leverage can help them and your business thrive.

Especially for remote workers with large families or children, a home may not always be the best place to look after one’s well-being. The quiet and gentle ambience of a cafe can be far more stimulating and improve the performance of work-from-home employees.

If you’re opening up your cafe as a working space, you’ll also need to limit capacity. Start by removing a few table settings to accommodate a safe distance between guests. You can also provide safety kits that include hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, and face protectors.

Provide Information to Customers

As much as you want to keep your business up and running, it’s more important to prevent the spread of disease. Thus, you can keep your customers informed by providing information on your website, blog, newsletter, and even storefront. Think of it as a digital gift—your customers know that you want to do business with them but will likely find it more valuable to know that you care for their health too.

Personally Thank Your Guests

Customers won’t always bring you business directly but will sometimes do so by means of a referral. Thank your customers by sending them a message online or handing out a card after they leave your shop. If your customers are also business owners, take the time to refer their business to others in return. This helps build healthy working relationships and begets support. When it comes to a thriving business, every customer counts.


In the coffee world, today’s upcoming trend isn’t your creative coffee order—it’s digital coffee! Whether you’re opening up shop once again or taking your business exclusively online, it’s imperative that you continue to put your customers first by taking the necessary safety precautions.

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