The Power of Thank Yous: How Appreciation Impacts the Workplace

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Importance Of Appreciation In The Workplace

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, being appreciated feels great! Children aren’t the only ones who value and benefit from being recognised for their efforts; even grown adults like it when they’re acknowledged for their performance.

There may not be a star rating system like in pre-schools, but the concept remains the same—when you’re appreciated, you’re more willing to put work in. This is the incredible power of showing appreciation to others!

Appreciation: A Motivator as Valuable as Money

Not every employee is in it solely for the money. Of course, salary plays a vital role in a person’s performance and stay in the company, but many employees strive for more than that.

You know the warm feeling you get when someone takes the time to recognise that you’re doing a good job? Some people work harder than others to gain approval and experience that feeling.

Never underestimate the impact of positive words and constant recognition! Appreciation is one of the most powerful drivers of action—employee recognition can create a unique company culture and strengthen employee relationships.

Beyond salary and benefits, dedicating a moment to thank your employees will inspire them to keep up the excellent work and even go beyond the limits of what they can offer to the company. By showing well-deserved gratitude to your team, their overall performance and well-being could dramatically improve, leading to a happier and better working environment.

How to Show Appreciation at Work

Although a simple “thank you” can go a long way, they won’t always do the trick. Your employees deserve more than just a “thank you” that they can receive by opening a door, emailing a file, or coming to work early.

“Thank yous” aren’t always enough—if you constantly resort to saying this to every employee often, it may be routinised and later viewed as impersonal and meaningless. If there’s anything worse than not being appreciated for your hard work, it’s receiving seemingly insincere and empty ”thank yous!”

If you want to express your gratitude for the effort your people have put in, consider trying these methods:

  • Use an Appreciation Platform

You can easily recognise your employees with appreciation platforms, such as Appreci. Assigning budgets via Appreci provides an easy and stress-free way to reward and acknowledge your teams, strengthening your company culture. With our appreciation app, you can send coffee, wine, or eGift cards to your employees that deserve it!

  • Give Balanced Feedback

Employees like being appreciated for their efforts, but they also need more than that alone. The best appreciation you can offer to your team is letting them know what they’re doing well and telling them which areas they can improve.

Receiving positive and developmental feedback shows that you care and appreciate their efforts and wish to help them become their best version of themselves.

  • Provide Growth Opportunities

Put your employees’ potential to good use—show them what the future holds for their careers in your company. Addressing people’s development by discussing growth potential and offering opportunities shows that you value their growth and view them as assets to the company.

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Appreciation and recognition can go a long way! Through a few simple methods, you can express your gratitude to your employees while helping them meet their ultimate potential. Showing appreciation to employees when they deserve it will lead to excellent work performance and a better company!

Do you want to show appreciation in the workplace but don’t know how to? Then, why not use our appreciation app, Appreci, to do so? With our app, you can share your appreciation with your employees in spontaneous and thoughtful ways. Join for free today!

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