3 Great Coffee Shop Marketing Ideas


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Modern Marketing Ideas for a Coffee Shop

Attracting customers to an establishment like a coffee shop can be challenging. Your goal is to get people in the door, so you need to be creative and efficient with your marketing efforts. That is especially true when you don’t have a big budget for marketing campaigns.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled five of the best coffee shop marketing ideas and tactics that you can use:

Make Something Newsworthy

You can have good service and good food, but that doesn’t really make enough difference, especially when your competitors offer the same. You need to be creative and develop something that hasn’t or has rarely been done before.

The best way to achieve that is by choosing a product you already sell and come up with a way to make it awesome. If it’s exceptional, people will talk, and you might be featured in local publications.

For instance, an entrepreneur once came up with an idea to create unique hot chocolates and mochas. Instead of using the usual chocolate powder as the base ingredient, they melted down couverture Lindt chocolate. Then, they wrote the phrase “melted hot chocolate” in chalk on an A-frame sign in their advertising efforts.

Many customers loved the drink, and by word of mouth, news about their melted hot chocolate spread. Their product has been featured in social media and local publications not long after, making their gig a success. 

Spotify Ads

Social media channels are a great medium for running ads. While you can see that most entrepreneurs and business owners run ads on Instagram and Facebook, it can get crowded on these platforms.

A great alternative to social ads is Spotify ads, which offer a real opportunity for coffee shops. Unlike traditional radio, you can run ads that target specific demographics, like location, interests, time of day, and more. 

Happy Hour

Unfortunately for coffee shops, there is a specific range of hours when no customers are coming in. This is usually around two or three in the afternoon, just after lunch. You can take this weakness and turn it into your shop’s strength.

For example, you can create incentives or promos where customers can buy one and get one promo on their coffee of choice for these particular hours. If a weeklong promo seems too expensive, you can choose one day out of the week.

You can use a booster on Instagram or Facebook for your promo a few hours before it begins. The response to your promo might be slow at first, but soon people will notice it and take advantage of the discount.

Final Thoughts

When you create promos and ads for your marketing campaigns, just keep in mind that you need to strategise your plan before executing it. Also, remember that different mediums like Facebook and Instagram have separate rules on what you can and cannot do when promoting your ads. Still, while these three marketing gigs are excellent, you should invest in a proper marketing strategy for your business.

You can even add one of the best marketing strategies there is: appreciation for your customers. With Appreci, you can easily show your appreciation with instant messages and gifts your customers can redeem online or in your shop. We deliver digital greeting cards via SMS or email that can serve as a complement to their beverage. Use modern marketing tools with Appreci, the modern greeting card today!

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