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Send a coffee

Recently we connected with Skip. We now have access to over 2000 redemption locations across Australia. Simply exchange your Appreci coffee for a Skip voucher.


Appreci has partnered with The Hidden Sea to offer three of the most delicious wines on the market today. In addition to purchasing a bottle of wine, The Hidden Sea will also remove 10 bottles of plastic from the ocean. What an incredible initiative and one that we especially love. Wine is delivered to your redeemers address.


Appreci has partnered with Malt Shovel to bring to you five of their best beers. You can now send a gift voucher to one or many of your close ones with a 4 pack of beer cans, which are hand delivered to their door. What an excellent way to say thanks for whatever the occasion.


We offer some of the finest imaginable chocolate out there. Appreci has partnered with Little Cocoa to deliver you an experience that can not be described with words. Chocolate is delivered to your redeemer’s address. Stay tuned for additional packages and price points very soon.

Gratitude App is always the perfect choice

Very easy to use

Sending and receiving digital gift cards through email or SMS takes only a few seconds.

Always on hand

You can access our platform anytime and anywhere you need. It’s always on hand!

Fun and engaging

Choose one of our digital gifts and add up your personal customisation and messages.

Send digital gift cards Instantly

1. create an account

It takes only a few steps to create your account with our user-friendly signup.

2. Choose your appreciation gift

Choose a gift for your friends or loved ones within your budget. You can choose from our list of products, whatever you want, starting from only $5.95.

3. Choose from your contact list

Send digital gift cards to as many people as you like, without restriction. Select from your contacts on your phone or email list. 

4. Add a warm message

Choose to record your message or upload a pre-recorded video. If you’re having a bad hair day, record your audio message. Or stick with the traditional way and type a message.

5. pay and send

Pay for your purchase via Apple Pay, Google Pay or Credit Card. If you’re using your corporate account, just send with whatever credit you have available.

Redeem your gift

1. receive appreciation

Your appreciation arrives one of two ways via SMS or email.

2. redeem Your gift

When you click on the link on the SMS or redeem button on the email, we’ll take you over to create your account.

3. appreciation is enjoyed

For coffee, choose your nearest cafe or claim a Skip voucher. Either way, you can enjoy some coffee goodness from your friendly barista. Wine, beer and chocolate are a little different, but you get to choose your favourite style or a variety of beverages. Redeem and receive at your door in 3 days. 

4. the Sender is notified

As soon as you redeem your gift, your appreciation sender is notified. Just like that, the appreciation loop is completed and all involved are feeling positive.

5. Why not Reciprocate and spread more goodness

Try the sending process for yourself now that you have felt the experience of gratitude. 

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Access your account in a number of ways. Choose from the app stores or simply login via the web. Quick, simple and low fuss. 

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