How Should You Give Wine as a Gift: Here Are 5 Best Tips!

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Trending Ideas For Giving Wine Gift

Giving gifts to people deserving is one of the best feelings in life. There’s nothing like letting people know you appreciate them and seeing the smiles on their faces. But what’s an excellent gift to give? Have you ever considered sending a bottle of wine using Appreci?

If you’re playing around with the concept of giving wine as a gift, here are some tips that will help you do it right.

1. Surprise the Recipient with A Gift For The Right Occasion

If you want to give someone a gift for the right occasion, you should give wine more so than other products. Wine presents as something that will be used on a special occasion such as a nice meal or evening out with your partner.

Of course, you don’t have to stop at just wine. You can pair it with a cheese board or a basket of fruit. The point is to find a way to stand out. Wine is an opportunity for you to show that you’ve taken the time to offer something special.

2. Digital Wine Gift Process

When you give someone a bottle of wine using Appreci, you should consider using the available functions available, such as video messaging. Record a 15 sec video to personalise your gift to your receiver. This is a fun way for you to express your emotions or gratitude to the gift receiver via the software platform. The software also offers audio, text and an upload feature if you’d like to send marketing material to one of your favorite customers.

Your appreciation is two fold when the wine gift is sent to your recipient. On receiving their gift they feel the warmth of your message and gift. After they redeem, 3 days later the lovely bottle of wine arrives on the doorstep. The gift receiver once again smiles at the thought of receiving something so nice.

3. Add an Accompanying Message to Your Wine Gift

Its optional but you may also want to follow up to see how the bottle of wine was. Appreci’s software has a return loop to tell the gift sender that a gift has been redeemed by their receiver. Another positive feeling is felt when the notification arrives to say, the gift receiver has redeemed their gift. What we’ve often seen is gift receivers reciprocating or paying forward their gift. Appreci’s software offers the ability to pass the gift on to another recipient. The gift of appreciation continues as long as the gift receiver chooses.

4. Give the Gift of Quality

Appreci has partnered with a great brand called The Hidden Sea to deliver its wine to your gift recipients. If you want to give the gift of wine, we can assure you the quality is there. You don’t want to skimp on quality when giving a gift. You want to provide the recipient with something that will be memorable and will reflect well on you.

Wine is a great option for this because it has so many different levels of quality. You can simply give someone a bottle of wine, but you can also give them one of the many other types of wine gifts out there. The right choice will be something that can last them for a long time—perhaps something they can add to their collection.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right gifts for people you want to appreciate can be quite the task. There are so many options out there, and you have to find something that matches their personalities and preferences.

Gifting wine is truly one of the best ways to show gratitude to others. If you’re looking to send out a wine gift across Australia, Appreci is the perfect solution for you. Appreci allows you to send a gift of your choice of beverage so that you can brighten someone’s day. Browse our partner merchants and start using Appreci today!

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