Its quite possible due to the security settings on your email, Appreci's gift was sent to your junk folder. Please go to your junk folder to make sure your gift is not in there.

When you create an account first time, we request that you provide some basic account details. When you go to login the next time, your social account logins will work.

I received a gift via SMS and created an account but decided not to redeem. The next time I went to use my account, I tried to login with my email address. I noticed my gift wasn't in the account. 

What occurred is the creation of a new account. Your gift is still available but against your phone number (because your first gift was received via SMS). We will be rectifying the account creation process to make this more easier in the future.

We've taken note of this in the past. We've built a feature into the platform that allows the gift sender to retract the gift in the event the receiver never redeemed their gift. Your account will be credited with the equivalent value of the gift sent.

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