4 Ways to Express Appreciation to Your Employees


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Unique Ways That Make Employees Feel Appreciated

As the leader of your company, it is your responsibility to make sure that every employee is treated equally, well-paid, and efforts are all recognised by the management. It is a norm that should be practised in all companies, primarily if your business consists of many hardworking people.

That said, the importance of giving your employees their dues will not only boost morale but will also gain you many loyal workers in the long run. Chances are, you still have more to learn when it comes to rewarding and recognising your employees.

Fret not—if you want to know more about this, we have prepared a couple of recommendations that you can practice at work:

Enable Your Employees to Grow

One way of showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work is by recognising their growth. Mistakes in the workplace are often not tolerated, especially on projects that deal with essential clients. However, you should also enable your employees to make a mistake at least a few times.

By doing this, you will gauge their capabilities and show them that you trust them well enough to make up for it without any further hassles. Reward them after with an opportunity to take up more responsibilities through a higher position.

Implement Incentives at Work

People often say that it’s the thought that mostly counts, but this one may not work within the workplace, especially if your employees need a solid indicator of your recognition. Incentivise on their performance through cash prizes or tokens.

You can even give them corporate gifts, such as kits that will recognise them as an integral part of the team, a crucial part of the company. It doesn’t have to be too expensive, so as long as it is something that they can use or they can consume.

Motivate Them to Chase Their Passions and Hobbies

Too much work can often burn out your employees. In such a case, lighten up the mood by organising a day full of fun activities. If they mostly prefer to draw, arrange a painting or sketching session.

If they prefer to play video games, bring a couple of gaming consoles and let them battle it out in the gaming arena. If they choose to write stories, have a short seminar with an acclaimed author to teach them more tips and tricks in storytelling—your options are close to endless.

Post about Their Recent Accomplishments

One effective way of recognising your employee’s efforts is through your company’s main profile page. You may post a formal photo of them, with a congratulatory caption that recognises their hard work and recent accomplishments.

This may seem a bit trivial at first, but even such a gesture lands deep when it comes to letting them know that they are not just mere screws in a vast machine, but rather, they are the engine that keeps the whole operation running.


Appreciating your employees shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you are always present at the office. If anyone could be the primary witness to your worker’s efforts, it should be n you. You have a general idea of their productivity, you know what they’re working on, and you know how they could land that presentation with a substantial client successfully.

You have all the opportunities in the world, including the ones mentioned above, to show them how important they are to the company as a whole. Take care of them so they can take care of your venture in return.

You may be planning to give your most valuable employees a memorable coffee voucher that they may redeem in their free time. In that case, we at Appreci can help you out.

We offer you the opportunity to give an instant gesture of appreciation to your employees through the gift of a beverage, delivered digitally via SMS or email. Contact us to learn more!

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