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  • Appreciate at an instant
  • Last minute gifts
  • Thank customers
  • Thank staff
  • Community recognition


Connect with audiences and leave lasting memories

A great way to interact with your event attendees whether they’re in the room or remote. Give a token of appreciation to entire audiences, break the ice or help smooth transitions in the program.

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Image alt textAnimated image Connect with audiences and leave lasting memories

Applause and appreciation

Appreci can bring surprising and memorable
interactions to your event experiences - large and small.

Flexible and integrated

You can send messages and tokens of appreciation via the channels you’ve used to market the event - SMS, Email, etc.

Control and coordindated

You can program the sending to the entire audience or segments to align with the event programming.

Exciting and easy

Your attendees will be excited when receiving your message and gift. Plus they’ll find it a breeze to redeem.


How does it work?

Set parameters

Choose your audience members and the channel to send to them.

Audience receives

Attendees receive a unique digital voucher URL which they simply redeem at our participating merchants countrywide.

Track performance

Monitor and report on the redemptions and the success of your campaign.

Event marketing with Appreci

Event marketing with Appreci

Check out our quick video that explains how Appreci works for events.

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