Engage teams and allow managers and peers to fuel a positive movement

Our corporate portal makes it so easy for people in your organisation to harness the power of appreciation. It’s instant and effortless for you and them.

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Image alt textAnimated image Engage teams and allow managers and peers to fuel a positive movement
Employee recognition with Appreci

Employee recognition with Appreci

Appreci is a modern and effective way to build a culture of appreciation and gratitude in your organisation.

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Nurture a culture of appreciation

Traditional reward and recognition programs often leave something off the table - the ability for peers and managers to share their appreciation with more frequency and in context of opportune and daily moments. Appreci provides the ability to do so, complementary to any existing programs.

More meaning in the moment

Appreci is easy to use and at everyone’s fingertips.

Frequency builds more stronger and more organic bonds

Managers and peers can send to whom and when they feel necessary.

Managers can facilitate

Registered users see all items redeemed at your establishment and control your payout frequency.


How orgnisations are using Appreci

Regular recognition

… can forget the micro moments of brilliance that are opportunities to acknowledge individuals and their contribution.

Customer appreciation

Send a warm message and token of appreciation to your clients, partners and customers.

Communications integration

You can send many messages and tokens in one go - great for events, announcements and even meetings, in person or from where your people work