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Build a culture of appreciation

Traditional employee reward and recognition programs focus on performance over time and it can take weeks, or even months, to recgonise the good efforts of employees. Appreci is designed to empower your organisations to recoginise and reward moments, insantly.


No token gestures here. Show your appreciation with a warm message and a redeemable gift.


Just come out of a great meeting? Jump on the app and send thanks.


Turn appreciation into a daily habit and reap the benefits.


How orgnisations are using Appreci

Regular recognition

Rewards and recognition programs can often focus too heavily on performance over time and can forget the little moments of brilliance. Appreci is designed to fill this gap and give orgnaisations the abilty to appreciate moments.

Customer appreciation

Appreciating employees is not the only use. Appreci can help you to build strong relationships with your customers too. Send a warm message and a redeemable gift to show your customers you appreciate them.

Digital Marketing

With Appreci's digital marketing tools you can send a redeemable gift at scale. You can use Appreci for your event, or include a redeemable gift in your next bulk email campaign.

Employee recognition with Appreci

Employee recognition with Appreci

Appreci is a modern and effective way to build a culture of appreciation and gratitude in your organisation.

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Our mission is to enable everybody to be mindful and grateful, so we set out to create a software platform that enables physical connections.