What You Need to Know About Employee Recognition Programs

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Employee Recognition Programs Benefits and Ideas

Employee recognition programs can be a useful tool in your organisation. They help the employees acknowledge and appreciate the good work done by their colleagues while motivating them to keep up with the competition. In this two-part post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about employee recognition programs.

What Is an Employee Recognition Program?

Employee recognition programs aim to recognise, appreciate and reward employees for their hard work, achievements and dedication. Today, most companies arrange employee recognition programs in various ways, such as a social wall, point system, reward nominations and many more. 

Common Misconceptions about Employee Recognition Program

There is still a lot of misinformation about employee recognition programs, and we’re here to set them straight. Here are some of the most common ones:

It’s Only About the Money

Many think that a huge motivation factor is a money. However, this is not true. A lot of employees leave their jobs because they feel unappreciated. With that, money isn’t the only tool to motivate employees to do their best. 

It’s Time-Consuming

Some business owners who don’t implement employee recognition programs find that they’re too time-consuming, and they would rather have their employees working and getting the job done. 

It’s crucial to acknowledge employees’ efforts and appreciate them in their routine work. In fact, doing these things will not take an hour. Simple praises in the middle of a normal workday can do wonders for your employees, and you will notice a significant increase in motivation that will lead to better results. 

It’s Expensive

It’s easy to think that programs can be expensive; however, they’re really not. You can recognise good performances without the need to spend a dime; you only need to be creative. 

It’s Only for Top-Performers

The truth is, everybody in the workplace can be top-performers, and that’s what the programs are for—to recognise these people and those trying to reach the top. Every employee in the workplace deserves recognition and appreciation for everything they do, no matter how small or big. Doing so will boost productivity that will push employees to put more quality work in. 

It’s for People Who Don’t Have Bonuses

Many business owners think that those who don’t get a bonus or a salary raise should get recognition instead. Recognition is for everybody. 

Different Types of Employee Recognition Programs

There are different types of employee recognition programs: 

  • Structured recognition programs: You can say this type of employee recognition program is more traditional in which managers or senior leaders offer their appreciation through formal or ceremonial programs. This involves yearly or quarterly reviews, years of service awards, employee of the Month program, etc. 
  • Unstructured recognition programs: These programs are more focused on personalised appreciation, such as peer-to-peer recognition and gamified recognition. 

Recognise and Appreciate Employees

Employee recognition programs are used by businesses to recognise employees for their hard work, loyalty, dedication and accomplishments. These programs are used to promote employee engagement, retention and increase productivity. Recognition for employees is one of the most important parts of motivating them to do their best. So, communicate how much you appreciate your people to create an atmosphere of trust that builds collaborative relationships.

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