Earn incremental revenue and contribute to a powerful movement

Our merchant network is growing every day. Join hundreds of businesses on the Appreci platform. It’s free and takes less than two minutes to register!

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Digital Gifting

Appreci is a digital marketing software platform that offers merchants a simple way of promoting their businesses to a growing usergroup. Digital gifts are being sent everyday with Appreci. Join our growing independant hospitality network to become part of the Gratitude Economy.

More traffic to your business

Your business is promoted to prospective customers and drive incremental foot traffic to your store.

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Simply sign up and you’re ready to start welcoming new customers immediately.

You’re in control

You’ll see all items redeemed at your establishment and control your payout frequency.

What is Appreci all about?

People use Appreci to turn thoughtful moments into action by simply using our App and corporate portal to send others tokens of appreciation in the form of a message and a “gift”, which could be anything from coffee to wine and beer – even gift cards. They find your establishment on our map, visit and redeem. Appreci pays you based on the frequency you prefer.

1. Sign up
2. We drive traffic
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4. Appreci pays you