5 Digital Gift Ideas You Can Send to Your Loved Ones Instantly

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Digital Gift Ideas You Can Send to Your Loved Ones

The current situation may not encourage you to meet with friends and family in person, but that doesn’t mean you cannot find ways to show gratitude to others. Whether you want to cheer up family members, send a congratulatory gift to a loved one, or keep your remote team’s spirits up, there are a lot of digital options for gifts that you can send. 

These solutions not only save you a trip to the store but also ensure that whoever receives the gift knows that you do care about them. Here are some of the best digital gift ideas that are perfect for all your friends, family members, and colleagues:

1. Virtual Flowers and eCards

While they cannot beat the beauty of an actual bouquet and a handwritten card, virtual flowers and eCards are the next best thing. These are ideal if you want to send something special to your grandparents or parents who live far from you and you cannot visit for the holidays or other special occasions. 

2. Streaming Service Subscription

Now that watching movies at actual theaters isn’t such a good idea, more people are turning to streaming services to access the best movies and TV shows. You can surprise a loved one by gifting them a streaming service subscription! There are a lot of platforms to choose from, and most of them offer subscription packages for three months, six months, or one year. 

3. Online Museum Passes

For your loved ones or colleagues who love all things cultural, an ePass to the best museums can be an excellent gift. Most of the world’s best museums can now be explored via virtual tours. This is an experience that the recipient of your gift will surely love. 

4. eBooks

If your favorite person is usually glued to their Kindle, it makes sense to get them an eBook! Just make sure that they don’t already own the one you’re getting them. Better yet, get them an eReader gift card that they can use for any of the latest bestsellers that they want to get. Alternatively, you can get them a Kindle Unlimited subscription. That will get you squeals of gratitude for sure. 

5. Coffee, Wine, or Beer

You may not be able to have that fun chat over coffee or chill over a pack of beer because of the pandemic or simply because of how busy your life has been recently. That doesn’t mean you can’t share your favorite drink with a loved one! You can get them a redeemable gift that they can get from a café near them. You can also make it more convenient and send a bottle of wine or a pack of their favorite beer right to their doorstep. Once they get your gift, all that’s left to do is to Zoom-call them for a virtual catch-up.


These are just some of the best gifts you can send your loved ones right from your mobile device. As you can see, you don’t need to go out or even leave your couch to tell someone you love that they are in your thoughts. Whether you’re going to send them virtual flowers, eCards, subscriptions to eBooks or streaming services, passes to museums, or their favorite beverage, they’ll indeed feel how much you value them. Don’t miss an occasion and send your loved ones one or more instant gifts!

Is a virtual Friday night drink with your friends something up your alley? Appreci makes it easy for you to send wine or beer to them! You can get them coffee, beer, or wine eGifts from Appreci! Check out what we have available for you today!

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