4 Steps to Create a Rewards Program for Your Coffee Shop

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4 Steps to Create a Rewards Program for Your Coffee Shop

There are so many joys to running a coffee shop, from building your own brand, providing career opportunities and making a good cup of joe that helps brighten up someone’s day. One of the biggest things to cheer about might be the number of loyal customers who actively patronise your service, promote it to their friends and even more.

It can be extremely heartwarming, and it’d only be right to give back through a loyalty program! Aside from rewarding all the special people who have stuck with you along the way, you would also be converting those customers who drop by once in a while into your own regulars.

How exactly do you go about creating a rewards program, though? Here’s an outline that might help you in figuring it out.

1) Choosing the Reward Needed

The reward that you’re advertising may vary from other coffee shops, but it isn’t necessary to conform to all the other popular stores. Just keep in mind to pick something realistic and enticing. A good prize will ensure customers will keep walking through the door.

One of the most effective things that you can put up for grabs through your rewards program is a free cup of coffee or a bag of beans. Some shops may also choose to offer discounted prices over all the menu or specific items that you know everyone would love to have.

2) Determining the Mechanics

Once you’ve picked a reward, it’s time to organise the mechanics of the rewards programs. This may be slightly more difficult to choose, as each type of program may have its own pros and cons. Try to assess your coffee shop to determine what conditions best suit it.

Some shops may benefit from cost-based rewards programs, where patrons will earn points for each dollar spent at the shop. However, customers who visit regularly yet don’t spend a lot may feel rather left out. You may have to consider some variations of visit-based rewards.

3) Finding a Good Audience

Forming your own audience to share this rewards program with is crucial to its success. Coffee shops that already have a following may not have trouble in finding an audience as they have one, but do consider how you can best promote the shop to other people.

Try to consider partnering with other businesses. For example, Appreci provides you with an avenue to market your coffee shop as its users gift their friends and acquaintances with a coffee coupon. You’re sure to generate leads and find a future loyal consumer in the mix.

4) Picking the Right Software

Although loyalty programs used to rely on physical cards and manual checking, it can be rather difficult to keep tabs on them. Utilise some digital software to make things a little easier for both your staff and the customers participating in the rewards program.

If you’re looking for software to try out, Appreci has a straightforward system that allows you to promote your coffee shop and participate on their gift-giving platform. Don’t feel intimidated by these technology upgrades, as just a bit of adjustment is needed until you’re good to go.


After going through these steps, you should have a good template to work with for your coffee shop’s rewards program. Don’t forget to iron out any fine details and continue providing the stellar customer experience that everyone loves at your cafe.

Want to mix up coffee and technology in this quest for a rewards program and promotions? Appreci is a gifting software platform that partners up with cafes, connecting them with coffee lovers that are on their gratitude platform. Register your shop today!

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