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Loyalty programs have been a familiar way for brands to show appreciation and reward their most loyal customers. It is also a marketing means for the business to encourage repeat sales.

These programs are not something new, and it has been an effective marketing tactic for years. However, like any other strategy, it needs to be upgraded to achieve the same effect as before.

Here is how you can create a more powerful and more engaging customer loyalty program for your brand:

Tip 1: Collect More Useful Data From Your Customers

The first step in building a better loyalty program is to collect more data about your customers. You probably know about your customers’ demographic info such as age, gender, and profession. However, this isn’t all that matters. You should also know other crucial information, such as frequency of visitation, purchase patterns, preferences, and visit duration.

Try adding more rewards in exchange for their personal information. Then, you can use the data you gather to improve your loyalty program later.

Tip 2: Encourage More Social Media Engagement With Them

Besides traditional loyalty programs, encourage more social media engagement with your customers. Try different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and test which platform works best for your brand.

Engage with your customers directly or indirectly through the platform. For instance, you can run an Instagram contest or use it as a way to promote your brand. You can run a campaign exclusively for your followers and provide them with brand surprises. You can also reward them for sharing your social posts or sharing their positive experience online about your brand.

Tip 3: Focus on Mobile Strategies

Now is the era of mobile. Everything—from ordering a product to booking a flight—is done with a tap from a mobile device nowadays. The same should go for loyalty programs.

Use a mobile-optimised loyalty program that can be reached from your customers’ smartphones. It is a great way to make your brand more accessible to your customers and provide them with more convenience.

You can also launch a mobile app that will work offline. It’s perfect if you want your customers to access the loyalty program even without an internet connection.

You can also take advantage of mobile app payment features and make payments quickly and easily for your customers.

Tip 4: Develop Better Rewards

As mentioned, offer rewards for your customers for their loyalty. You can reward them with free products, discounts, and gift certificates, among others.

The rewards need to be beneficial and attractive to your customers. You can also reward them with something very creative like their favourite brand merchandise, customer connection gift cards, a chance to meet with a famous endorser, or exclusive access to a branded event.

Do tactics that can make them feel appreciated. It would also help your brand get awareness and recognition.

Tip 5: Let Them Play Fun Games

More people are into games nowadays. Games are fun, and they have long been a great way to pass the time. You can use them as a memorable means to engage your customers with your brand.

Let your loyal customers play fun games and win prizes. You can also entice them with small bonuses they can redeem in your store. Creating branded games online or offline is one way to increase the loyalty and engagement of your customers, as they can feel more connected to your brand.


Aside from the usual tactics in marketing, there are still many more ways to boost your customer loyalty program. Keep in mind that your brand needs to constantly innovate to get your customers’ attention. With the right strategy, you can create more effective and engaging customer loyalty programs that will help your customers feel valued and entice them to stick with your brand.

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