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Employee recognition platform

Time and time again we’ve encountered employee recognition programs lacking warmth. Points based programs barely shifted the needle on impact on staff. Appreci was created to provide a quick, low fuss experience so that employee could be appreciated with small but popular tokens of gratitude. A warm message with a cup of coffee holds the same if not more value than a bulky item.

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We offer a Unique experience That improves team culture and wellbeing

You’re looking for a small but impactful solution to recognise employees, peers and customers. Our free employee recognition platform will exceed your expectations. Our system delivers appreciation instantly with warmth and authenticity.

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Company Branded Gifts

Send branded marketing messages with a gift to your favourite clients or deserving staff. Add one of your pre-recorded videos to give an added boost. if its a spontaneous gesture, record a message on the fly.

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Upload Bulk Lists

Nothing more time consuming than sending individual gifts to your staff or client list. We’ve taken the pain out of this with one single transaction. Upload your CSV list with any number of people and send a gift each with a warm message.

No bulky receipt reconciliations

Allocate Budget

Eliminate the weekly task of reconciling receipts. One receipt to capture all transactions. Each member in your team can be allocated a discretionary budget to meet clients or to send a thanks.

Cater to the masses

Free Gift Cancellation

Sending a gift should not be a situation of tearing up your goodwill and kissing it goodbye. There are some cases where gifts don’t get redeemed. We have a feature for you to re-credit your account when a gift is left dormant.

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We won’t charge you for the privilege of using our platform. Everything with our software is unlocked for you to use at your own discretion. You have access to our entire suite of software, without paying any monthly fees. 

More than a pat on the back

Multiple ways to be creative

Sign up To the employee recognition platform

We have a free onboarding service to assist you. If you have more questions or you just need some help we are here to support. It would only be a 15 min process and not at all painful to get things started. Go to our Customer Onboarding or Schedule Demo links on the right to lock in a time. Find more unique ideas for employee recognition or appreciation.

Alternatively, just go ahead and create your account by pressing the Create Account button. For further instructions and features please visit our YouTube channel and watch our onboarding video.

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Organisation wide thanks without an account

appreciation In Teams

At no extra cost you can access Microsoft Teams to add appreci to your suite of apps. Go to our YouTube channel to see how it works. Coffee to the team using our bot. Quick, simple and low fuss. 

  1. Via the chat in Teams
  2. The the entire team via a channel

Write a warm message identify your team members, pay and send. 

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