The original redeemable gift option when we started back in 2019. Appreci has been gradually growing its partner network in conjunction with its userbase. Appreci has partnered with some amazing brands over the course of its business. Recently we connected with Skip. We now have access to over 2000 redemption locations across Australia. Simply exchange your Appreci coffee for a Skip voucher.


Appreci has partnered with The Hidden Sea to offer three of the most delicious wines on the market today. In addition to purchasing a bottle of wine, The Hidden Sea will also remove 10 bottles of plastic from the ocean. What an incredible initiative and one that we especially love.


Aroma: Lashings of raspberry cola, violets and spicy gingerbread oak.

Palate: Mouth watering, juicy red fruits coupled with vanilla-bourbon oak and a voluptuous, velvety tannin structure.

Colour: Magnificent dark plum and red hues.


Palate: A full bodied Chardonnay that packs a lot of flavour into whatever glass you serve in it. This wine has melon and peaches on the mid palate with fine structure and a soft acid finish.

Aroma: Melons and lychees with subtle savoury oak.

Colour: Pale Straw.


Palate: A bright luscious wine with sweet strawberry and cream flavours. Acidityis fresh and vibrant, with a sweet fruity finish.

Aroma: Lifted strawberries and cream with hints of blueberries and ground spice.

Colour: Pale pink rose petal.


Appreci has partnered with Malt Shovel to bring to you five of their best. You can now send a shout to one or many of your mates with a 4 pack of beer cans, which are hand delivered to their door. What an excellent way to say thanks for whatever the occassion.

eGift Cards

Get onto the Appreci app to find the person in your contacts who deserves a gift that accesses 50+ merchants. One card to access all.  The Appreci card offers your gift receiver access to some of Australia’s most iconic brands. When you send the Appreci gift card, your gift receiver will have access to the following list of merchants. They can choose one or many merchants as part of the offer. 

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