More Than Just a Cup of Coffee: 3 Simple Cafe Promotion Ideas


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Trending and Simple Cafe Promotion Ideas

Running a coffee shop can perhaps be regarded as life’s greatest joys—who could ever deny the bliss brought about by a cup of coffee? Unfortunately, the magic of coffee has been stretched thinly, as the rise of coffee shops became a trend. The competition continues to increase and shop owners constantly look for ways to gather the attention of prospective customers.

To attract customers into your coffee shop, however, you first need to establish awareness. This awareness does not only include your shop location and products but what else you could possibly offer. With so much to choose from and your competitors doing the same, how do you know which ones will work best to achieve your goals? The only way to do it is to simply head back to the basics. That said, here are five simple but effective promotional strategies for your coffee shop business:

Offer what the public demands: free Wi-Fi and outlets 

While it may be tempting to just dismiss the idea of offering free Wi-Fi and outlets for plugging and charging as part of the deal, this is a marketing strategy that you need to utilise. It’s already a service, yes, but highlighting it means better publicity for your coffee shops.

Letting people know that you provide free Wi-Fi and outlets for their devices compels them to stay longer, thereby enforcing the idea of them buying more from you. Although quite simple, the idea of showcasing free internet power resources are remarkable ways of keeping customers in your shop and urging them to come back again and again.

Note: Splurge on your internet—get a business package, one that will provide your customers with adequate speed. While it may seem like a huge expenditure, think of it as an investment—you’ll be generating returns in no time.

Leverage your social media game

One of the best ways to boost your cafe marketing techniques? Social media, of course—as the biggest digital marketing tool of all time, failing to follow suit can lead to dire consequences. You likely already have social media pages, but how do you utilise them? Posting regularly is key to attracting more customers. You can share photographs of your baristas, seasonal menus, and carefully designed graphic visuals of your products.

You may also offer daily specials and coupon codes, so what better way to encourage your customers to engage than by urging them to check daily for such rewards? Social media is also one of the best tools to establish awareness. Encourage your customers to take photographs of their drinks or themselves in your shop, asking them to post on social media. This greatly enhances your marketing promotions, all the while directing focus on what matters the most: your customers.

Lend your cafe space to events

If you truly wish to build solid brand awareness, hosting events is the best way to go. This increases the number of customers visiting your shop, especially if you host events that are particularly geared towards the arts. Poetry readings, book clubs, and even painting lessons are good events to start, and people from all over town will be compelled to visit your shop.

Event-goers will not only buy products from you—if you hand out vouchers for them to use, you greatly increase the chances of them visiting your cafe once more. You can also hand out freebies, should you wish, so long as what you offer falls right within your budget.

Other Means of the Marketing Efforts

The coffee shop competition is a tide to be reckoned with—cafes continue to fight for customers, in various different ways. While marketing tools can help boost your efforts, the best way to ensure that customers keep coming back is to simply focus on your service. Work on long wait times spilled lattes, and slow work ethics.

Ensure clean tables, chairs, and floors, and offer your customers a smile—even on a dreary Monday morning. Only then will you be able to truly focus on your marketing efforts. If you have an excellent business to offer, marketing will only highlight that—the rest will follow suit.

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