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Appreci has launched a new service for cafes. 
What’s on offer?

  • 5 Social Media posts per month 
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  • Access to Appreci corporate platform
  • Account monitoring and performance reviews
  • Competition Plans (range of prizes to choose from)
  • A growing user base of grateful people.

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We offer many unique designs that attract new customers in a clever way

We're offering a unique way to reach your existing or new customers.

Once you sign your cafe to Appreci’s merchant platform, your cafe will be seen by an ever growing audience of users. We are currently developing a new generation platform that will transform the experience for a merchant and user to a whole other level. 

With our new platform there will be opportunities to promote and offer your products in a very unique way. You can place your cafe on our platform for free or you can ask us to assist with your marketing requirements.

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