Appreci introduces wine to its appreciation platform

appreciation with a digital gift

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Appreci introduces wine to its appreciation platform

Everyone needs to know about this one

Appreci is very excited to announce its newest in-app product from The Hidden Sea wines. If you’re looking to send some appreciation to your team, customers or special people in your network, jump onto the app and select the wine icon.

The Hidden Sea wines

Appreci and the guys at The Hidden Sea are aligned in their goal of respecting the history of our land and sea. The Hidden Sea has one mission and that is to remove plastic from the ocean. For every delicious bottle of wine purchased from The Hidden Sea, 10 bottles of plastic are removed from the ocean. What an amazing initiative.

Update your Appreci app today and start sending a gift of wine to those who are deserving. Also, with Christmas approaching, this makes a wonderful gift idea. When you send your gift via text or email, the receiver sets their address and it will be delivered to their door.

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