Appreci, the modern greeting card.

Creating a convenient and useful way to show your #Gratitude

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About Us

Our Mission

Our company brings together technology underpinned by the passion to deliver to the market a physical expression of gratitude and recognition within a digital environment.

Repeatedly, we see corporate reward programs that don’t deliver on the fundamentals of instant recognition. Most programs fall short of the intention of recognising staff at the time at which a desirable action occurs. Saying thanks and showing appreciation greatly increases trust, connectivity and leads to increased staff performance.

There is also an opportunity to restore the habit of being thankful in many aspects in our day to day lives. It’s nice to have an application that reminds us to stop and consider that being thankful can be so easy.

Our mission is to enable everybody to be mindful and grateful, so we set out to create a software platform that enables physical connections. 

We believe in recognising the good in people and strive to create better human connections by using technology to create tangible experiences. This simple and instant gesture of gratitude does this in the form of a coffee or warm beverage

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Our mission is to simplify how
people express their appreciation
of others, encourage the
frequency doing it and create
more cohesion in the world.