5 Simple Tips to Use Gift Cards and Boost Your Sales

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Best Tips to Use Gift Cards and Boost Your Sales

Gift cards are the best way to show appreciation, especially when not given the chance to do so yourself. Thanks to the digital renaissance, gift cards are seeing massive popularity among customers. If you learn how to maximise this, you can boost your store sales significantly.

Here are several tips to follow for your gift cards to receive more attention from your shoppers.

Put It at the Center

Strategic ad placement will definitely catch the eye of your viewers. No one can resist a sale. If they open up your website and find details of a specific gift card within their eyesight, there is a high likelihood for it to spark their curiosity.

Not only will this promote brand awareness, but buyer psychology suggests that they are more likely to spend on your online store if they receive or purchase a gift card.

Use Cross-Selling to Maximise Viewership

Get into the mind of your audience. Will a specific type of buyer be interested in a complementary product? Why not incorporate a gift card to bundle these products together? 

If buyers enjoy a certain product, you may also suggest a gift card for them to get the same product for their family and friends. This product will see an increase in sales in no time at all. 

Place Cards in All Your Channels

If you have more than one platform for marketing, be sure to include all gift card details in your platforms. This will work great for social media, ads and other forms of copy to promote your products.

You can also opt to have your representatives talk about your gift cards with clients. At any opportunity you can, find a way to incorporate the gift card. This may be for emails, conversations or even newsletter closings.

Make Gift Cards for Specific Holidays

Something about the holidays always makes people feel more giving. Take advantage of this opportunity by creating holiday-specific deals for your buyers. Holiday cards, when designed well, will help create a festive atmosphere to draw attention from your buyers.

Limited-edition deals will also have buyers clamouring for the product immediately. A time-locked product sees high demand, as there is a sense of urgency to get it before it’s gone. 

Collaborate with Other Brands

A similar concept to cross-selling, collaborating with other brands will prove beneficial for both companies. You will be able to tap into their viewership and vice versa. Partner with brands selling complementary productsif your buyers like this, then maybe they would like this.

You never know who you may attract. Maybe a certain buyer will find that they are interested in your product and will eventually become a loyal customer. 

Make sure to apply the same principles when you promote your partner’s gift cards in your online store. 


When done correctly, buyers will naturally gravitate towards a gift card when they come across it on your online store. Make sure to maximise these tips so that these gift cards will help your store sales improve drastically.

If you want to make beautiful, eye-catching gift cards, Appreci is at your service. We have a gifting software that will help you create gift cards that will best represent your brand. View our catalogue now and see the various gift cards you can create with us.

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