4 Simple Things You Can Do to Show Appreciation Towards Your Team

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Easy ways to Show Appreciation Towards Your Employees

In the past year, the business world has learned and adapted to the necessary changes brought about by the pandemic. From seeing each other daily, many companies have moved to a hybrid set-up, with a lot more fully switching to permanently working from home.

As much as these changes had their advantages, one thing that’s very different is interaction within teams. It’s no longer possible to pop into a colleague’s cubicle for a random chat, share meals, or celebrate success together.

Now, more than ever, people feel the need for a sense of belonging. People want to feel valued and appreciated. So, as a manager, you need to find a way to show that you understand and care for your team, so they can stay motivated even when you work far apart.

Here are four easy things that you can do to show how much you appreciate your team’s hard work.

1. Practice the Concept of Transparency

When it comes to working in teams, there is nothing more important than honesty and transparency. So, as a manager, you should be open and vocal to your team, especially when it comes to reports on revenue, management changes, workload differences, as well as possible cost-cutting measures you might have.

Doing simple measures like this shows everyone how transparent you are and proves how committed you are to the team. You treat them as a business partner, an essential contributor to the organisation, and not just an employee.

2. Recognize Their Efforts with Kudos and Email Shoutouts 

When there are things to celebrate within your team, be vocal about noting successes. You can have an email thread, a channel, or a group chat where everyone can talk about lighter things. But, mostly, use this space to shout out the small and big wins, making sure that you highlight the strength of each contributor.

3. Organize Virtual Events for Fun, Games, and Team Building

Another thing that can relieve the stress of daily work is by scheduling virtual team-building sessions. With these simple activities, you can encourage engagement and improve the morale of your team.

Aside from that, fun online activities can help you get to know each other better and share a few laughs. Enjoy and play games like virtual team trivia, team building bingo, online Pictionary, what’s in the box games, quizzes, and many others.

4. Surprise Them with a Delivery of Simple Tokens

Everyone loves receiving gifts, even if they are small tokens of appreciation. Even though you cannot physically be together in the office, there’s still something fun about sending out little gifts as a way of showing gratitude and providing simple surprises for some extra joy.

If you’re thinking about what you can give, here are some ideas:

  • A cup of coffee or tea
  • A bottle of wine
  • A box of pizza
  • Cake or ice cream
  • eGift cards for apparel, transportation, or food orders
  • Groceries
  • A care package

The Bottom Line: Try Appreci Today

There are numerous ways to show gratitude to others, including giving small gifts or what we call appreciation gifts to employees. Even with remote working, which lead to people spending most days far apart, there are new technologies you can leverage to encourage team recognition.

If you are looking for gifting software you can use for your business, you should check out Appreci. We offer a quick and easy way to express your appreciation to your team with a corporate gift get coffee or wine, beer or chocolate delivered with just a few clicks. Create an account today and start rolling out your appreciation culture.

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