Ultimate Guide To Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

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Offering competitive salary packages and yearly bonuses are excellent ways to increase employee satisfaction and retention within your company, but all these programs can feel distant. Some gifts, no matter how simple they are, compared to other grander employees recognition programs, have the power to put a smile on your team’s faces. 

Small acts of appreciation can do wonders for improving trust, building rapport and overall picking up the mood and motivation of the team environment. So what can your business do differently to show your staff appreciation? If you want your team to feel like they’re fulfilling meaningful work and are valued for their contributions, let’s explore some Employee Appreciation Gifts ideas for a job well done. 

Tip #1: Give Personalized Gifts to Employees

Top performers deserve promotions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send small tokens of appreciation as a way to recognize your team’s efforts. Sending Employees Appreciation Gifts like a coffee with a note of thanks can beat their slump and make them feel truly appreciated. With Appreci’s software, you can take it a step further by calculating the level of gratitude within your organisation. This can lead to other awards with a higher value such as wine, beer, chocolate, or eGift cards. 

Appreci’s gifts are a fun way to give them something that supports locally run small businesses that can always do with an extra level of support. 

Tip #2: Let Your Team Unwind with Drinks 

You know how your employees strive to meet their deliverables and grow your company, so why not let them sit back, relax, and pop open a cold one by shipping a pack of beer cans? Appreci has a partnership with Malt Shovel, so you can guarantee your team would be unwinding with some of the best brews in Australia. 

If letting loose isn’t your team’s thing, then you can help them shake the afternoon slump by powering them up with Appreci’s redeemable coffee! After all, nothing beats drinking a delicious, high-quality cup of coffee to pick up their mood. 

Tip #3: Celebrate Anniversaries by Treating Your Team to Lunch 

Reaching a year with any company is a milestone worth celebrating, especially now that more millennial workers struggle to stay with one company for various reasons. But keeping your employees satisfied beyond their job description means giving them something to enjoy on unexpected occasions.

With that in mind, making a public display of your appreciation by commemorating their anniversary can help make your employees feel genuinely treasured. When your team feels valued, they’re also likely to enjoy working with you in the long run. 

Why It’s Important to To Give Employees Appreciation Gifts

When you show your thanks to your employees, something as straightforward as sending a good cup of coffee their way can improve their morale. A happy individual is someone who is motivated to do their best in their tasks, which means giving gratitude can pay back your efforts two-fold as it can propel your team’s productivity to greater heights. 

Are You Looking for Creative Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Employee?

Your employees play pivotal roles in pushing your business forward, so it’s only right to show your appreciation for their hard work by sending simple yet thoughtful gifts that can make them feel happier with their careers. 

We’re a gratitude company in Australia that can help you provide different ways to show gratitude to others, so you can continue to motivate your employees. We offer employees gifts from beer, coffee, wine, and gift cards. 

Partner with us at Appreci and let us boost your business by offering a digital experience that supports small businesses in Australia. 

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